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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tokens of the Past: Attic Treasures

Introducing my newest pattern in the Tokens of the Past series, called Attic Treasures! 
Once again, the units and blocks for all three of these cutie quilts were made from just one 10 inch precut of my new Antique Cotton fabrics (for Marcus Fabrics)!!  Add some yummy sashing, border and binding fabrics and you're all set.  

I thought you'd like to see some up-close pictures of the quilts, and the wonderful quilting by my friend, Ronda.
Back In Time from Tokens of the Past: Attic Treasures

The first quilt is called Back In Time.  It was inspired by a nineteenth century doll quilt I saw recently and fell madly for.  So unusual, so simple, so stunning!  All of the quilts in this pattern were inspired by very simple patchwork.  Lovely colors, great fabric prints, and simple patchwork make for classic quilts!  Quilt size is 21 x 21.

Remembering Mama from Tokens of the Past ~ Attic Treasures

The second quilt is called Remembering Mama.  Sixteen Patches and Sawtooth Star blocks make for a simply beautiful combination.  I knew those alternate blocks would be a place for gorgeous quilting, and the design really makes this quilt come alive, don't you think?!  Classic patchwork and great colors and prints really make for another classic, sweet little quilt.  Love, Love!!  Quilt size is 20 x 24.
Forever Memories from Tokens of the Past ~ Attic Treasures

The third quilt, called Forever Memories, is actually just one large block.  I have always loved this block, called Birds on the Tracks, and thought it was a great choice for an eye-catching small quilt.  Again, simple patchwork triangles and the sashing X are the only thing needed for a center that really pops in this classic quilt.  It was fun and super easy piecing these three small quilts, and I hope you'll have fun making them, too!!  Quilt size is 27 x 27.

The Tokens: Attic Treasures patterns are available now!!  To order the pattern, click here.

Tokens: Attic Treasures Quilt Trio ~ Complete Kit

The Antique Cotton 10 inch precuts will be available in early October!!  As I so often like to do, I'm inviting you to pre-order the complete Tokens: Attic Treasures Quilt Trio complete kit, which includes the pattern, the 10 inch precut, and all borders and binding to make all three quilts.  Regular price for the kit is $111.00.  Your special pre-order price is just $96.00!!  A $15 savings!!  Offer ends October 2nd.  

To pre-order your Tokens: Attic Treasures complete kit, click here.  Your kit will ship in October, as soon as the fabrics arrive!


  1. I love all your prairie historic designs of fabrics but I wonder if you can encourage Marcus to package some precuts that are all just your light backgrounds exclusively? I never seem to have enough lights, beiges, & tans for beautiful backgrounds! Thanks for considering this idea.

    1. Hi Vic - Not likely to happen, although I have good news!! I package my own light prints all the time. I have several bundles of just lights, eight of them in a bundle for $24. I also have color packs in reds and browns for the same price. I'm always looking for bundles of lights myself, so I know just what you mean! If you're interested, just send me an email. Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com

  2. Another beautiful set of patterns Pam!!

  3. Love each of the quits and love the Antique cotton line but so disappointed that there are no 19th Century conversationals included in the line. Maybe next one......

    1. Sorry Sally, but vintage conversationals are very rare and hard to find. Not necessarily my favorite, but if I found a really cute one, I'd do it.

  4. Another stunning quilts and quilting!

  5. I love these new quilts of yours! I love that they are all in one pattern too! What fun!

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