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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Airing of the Quilts ~ Tucker ~ Part One

This is one of my favorite things to write a post about, when it's time to show off all of YOUR quilts on the clothes line!!  (If you're new to my blog, I hosted a Pocket Patchwork Sew-Along called Tucker a few months ago.  Click here to read all about it.)  As you enjoy the photos, you will not only see finished Tucker quilts, but how your fellow quilters changed the design to suit need and creativity, which I LOVE, but also the clever places where they have tucked their quilts.  So, so fun!!  I'm jazzed, elated, and inspired, and I'm sure you will be to.

So...let's get to it, and I'll allow the photos to speak for themselves.  
Arja from Holland
Becky from TX
Betsy from IL
Carolyn from TX
Cathy from Canada
Charlotte from CA
Christine from IL
Christine from VA
Danice from AL
Debi from MA
Diane from IN
Eileen from IL
Gayle from UT
Gillian from AZ
Gina from MO
Hannah from TX
Ileana from TX
Janice from Canada
Janita from IA
Jaqueline from OH
JoAnn from MA
Joy from CA
Judy from MO
If you'd like to join the parade of Tucker quilts, you still have a day or two to email your photo to me!  You know we'd love to see it!!!  Email your photo as a jpg attachment to Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com.  Include the state or country where you live, and I'll include your Tucker in the next post coming in a few days.  

In the meantime, if you're itching to be stitching in a brand new SAL, my BFF and good pal, Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters,  is preparing to launch her very first SAL!!! She's calling it KT Stitch With Me.  Sounds like a lot of fun, so click here to read all about it.  


  1. Beautiful! I'd love to make one of the larger versions shown by a couple ladies. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Love all the variations of your design and different colour choices! Thanks.

  3. Fun show to attend and I am still in my pjs. ;)

    Merry Christmas,

  4. I like Hannah's from TX the best. Perfect table topper! Love it. Birgitt

  5. Loved seeing all the Tuckers so far. This was such a fun little sal to do. Thanks for all you give to us, your loyal blog fans.

  6. Such fun to see all of the versions. Mine is definitely an odd duck so I didn't send a photo. : )

    1. Janet - There are a couple other odd ducks, so you have plenty of company and need to send a photo.....

  7. Argh! Mine is still in the "want to sew" stage, I got sidetracked by Christmas projects.

  8. All of the Tuckers look awesome, It is always so much fun to see how everyone's turned out.

  9. It's great seeing everyone's work - very inspiring! Maybe I'll get to sew mine in the holidays :-)

  10. What beautiful little quilts! Have a Merry Christmas....

  11. How interesting that Debi from MA and I displayed our little quilts on the same ladder thingy - great minds think alike, I guess! LOL So fun to see all of these - thanks for a great SAL!

  12. WOW--there are some beautiful quilts in this grouping of talented quilters