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Monday, January 11, 2016

Headed Westward!

I'm headed west to the San Diego area for a series of lectures and workshops.  I won't be blogging until I return to my office on the 24th.  I will be posting here and there on Instagram and Facebook, so you might like to visit me there.  How can I possibly go to So Cal and not visit my favorite quilt shops, right?  So, I'll try to post some photos from the guild visits, quilts shops, and this will also be my first time attending the Road to California Quilt Show!! 

I think I'll have some time for hand sewing while waiting in the airports, and in the evenings while visiting with my family.  Hope you find some stitching time, too!


  1. Will you be teaching or vending at Road to California--or both?
    Have a lovely and safe journey!

  2. Well look for me and 51 new friends at the show. Doing what I call a London quilt cruise starting in San Diego. We might be rowdy. First time at show for me too. 500 vendors...all those quilts two days to do it

  3. Have a great time! Every Little Bit is all over my sewing table for a while......so much fun!