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Monday, January 4, 2016

Keeping Busy

I'm starting the New Year with a bang.  My family and I so enjoyed our relaxing time over the holidays, and when the calendar turned the page,  we all went back to being busy.  You, too?

For several days now, I've packed lots and lots of boxes all headed out to the San Diego area for next week's events.  Now that my UPS guy has picked them up, it's time to take care of some normal business, and start packing for warmer weather!  Yippee!  

Here's where I'll be in the next few weeks just in case you're interested in attending.  I'd sure love to meet you!!!

January 11th          Friendship Quilters of San Diego, CA      
lecture and workshop ~ for info contact Collette by email:  collette92057@cox.net

January 12th & 13th       Sunshine Quilters of San Diego, CA
lecture and workshop ~ for info contact quiltingprettyquilts@cox.net

January 15th, 16th & 17th     Fat Quarters Quilt Shop in Vista, CA
workshops ~ contact the shop girls at (760) 758-8308

I have lots of new stuff coming soon, with two new patterns releasing later this week and next week.  I'm working on a new BOM that I know you're gonna love and multiple new fabric lines to keep your stash happy.  

I've been loving stitching on a few wool projects in the evening...new things to display in our home.  Did some stitching while thoroughly enjoying last nights episode of Downton Abbey. Wasn't it grand?!  I just can't figure out why such a popular show is ending after only 6 seasons??  

Hope you, too, find some time to feed your soul with the stitches you sew!  


  1. It's so great you're coming out San Diego way... but check the temps before you leave. It's been chilly here lately. Stop laughing! Really. It's been cold! LOL

  2. Enjoy San Diego! It will be a sad day indeed when Downton Abbey ends.

  3. WOW! That is a lot of boxes you are sending off to SD.
    I am sad too the DA is ending. One of few shows that I watch on TV.


  4. So disappointed that I will just miss you. Have to fly out to San Diego for family event this week, but have a non-refundable ticket home the day before your first event there. Sigh. Maybe another time...

  5. I think Downton Abbey has just about run its course. I was starting to get a bit tired of it around the end of the last season -- some of the plot lines are starting to repeat themselves. Still, I've enjoyed it enormously and will continue to watch it through the end.

    I'll echo what Sherryl said about checking the weather. El Niño's been hitting the West hard. Here in AZ we're starting a rare full week of rain. There are supposed to be a total of 4 storms, one after the other. All of those storms are coming via CA, so they're probably going to be soaked.

  6. That is a lot of boxes! Hope it is warm enough for you there. The west hasn't exactly been having balmy weather.
    I've never seen a single episode of Downton Abbey. I know, I'm weird. : )
    Safe travels and I look forward to seeing your new stuff!