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Monday, June 20, 2016

Found Scraps Of Time

During evening television and over the weekend, I found scraps of time to work on some personal projects and was able to finish a few things!  Yes...I said finish!

Lady Liberty, designed by Lynn Horsford for Need'l Love ~ Liberty Threads book
I have been wanting to make this for soooo long, and now, FINALLY....she's done!  Just in time for the July 4th holiday.  I'm so jazzed....doing the dance of JOY!

I'm not sure why I am so drawn to Lady Liberty designs, but I am.  Maybe it's her strong, defiant stance?  I think she's so cool.  Love the details in this piece.  Her face is so simple, yet really suits her, don't you think?  
I didn't have to look far to find just the right fabric to frame the wool center.  The flash on my camera makes the red border from my new Star Spangled Liberty collection seem a lot brighter red than it really is.  (Don't blame the camera...the problem is with the person pressing the button.)  I substituted stars for wool pennies in the background.  Seemed appropriate, and I'm all for changing things to make them your own.
My goal is to have different wool quilts I can swap out during the year to have something wool wonderful to enjoy while I'm doing the dishes.  Presently, I have this Kim Diehl quilt to enjoy.
 Here she is in her place of honor.  Big honor.....center stage over the kitchen sink!  Teehee.  Well, she really will be enjoyed all day as we all pass through the kitchen, or are in the kitchen.  
How have you been doing with finding time for a little sewing each day?  I'm not doing badly at all.  Finding more time than I thought I would now that I've set my mind to it.  

Oh, and I completely lost my mind and signed up for not one, but TWO new scrappy projects that I just could not resist.  I blame it all on my obsession/addiction, love of fabric, and apparently no will power.  

I'll show you the projects I couldn't resist in my next post.  Try not to judge me too harshly...you might find yourself joining the fun!!


  1. I live in a glass house sew I won't be throwing any stones.

  2. Beautiful job, Pam. I think the stars in place of pennies was a good call.
    You have found a great way to brighten a chore. But you must be a neater dishwasher than I am. If that was my house Lady Liberty's skirt would always be wet. : )

  3. Good work, Pam. :)

    I agree with Janet O.; if I hung something over my kitchen sink, it would be soaked!

    This last week I did some quilting on Orphans & Scraps and did some work on a binding strip for a potholder. You can see them and my other projects I worked on the last couple of weeks here: http://rainbowpincushion.blogspot.com/2016/06/potholder-blackwork-chessboard-orphans.html

    The hashtag's working, but the only people I'm seeing are myself and Pam. Is nobody else participating?

  4. I love Lady Liberty. You stitch beautifully. I am on "finish" this year,a challenge from one of my bees. Sew I will be finishing the next two pin cushions for my aluminum custard cups that I learned from YOU! I might sneak in a few hexies, and that would be starting not finishing. Too fun!

  5. Great job on Lady Liberty, and you have the perfect place to hang her.

  6. I love your Lady Liberty! I haven't done any sewing but I have cute out six blocks. I've been slaving in the yard ~ been spraying the yard with Weed B Gon in hopes of winning the war on weeds!

    It's going to be super hot & humid this week, so I should be able to get some blocks pieced. (Fingers crossed...)

  7. It`s stunning an in a perfect place.

  8. Your Liberty looks really impressive! The combination of colors highlights her strong heart.