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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Last Chance!! Tokens: Union Forever Special Offer!!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just a quick reminder that my special pre-order pricing ends tomorrow on my newest Tokens of the Past: Union Forever quilt trio kit.  

My sincerest thanks to all of you whom already placed your order.  You guys have blown me away with this one, and I'm so very grateful.  Please know that your support allows me to keep creating fabrics and quilt patterns to enjoy and inspire, and I try never to take that for granted. I'm so very thankful to you all!!!!!!!!!

Click here for all the details.

My husband and I have been invited to join a big bunch of our friends to go cruising on Lake Michigan today on a friend's family boat.  Something I haven't done in years, so we're excited. 
It is horribly hot and humid, so I hope I don't melt.  Hope you enjoy your weekend, too.

Happy Summer!! 


  1. on the Lake is a tad cooler....

  2. You can always jump in the lake to cool off! VBG! Really enjoy adding your fabrics to my charm quilts!