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Friday, August 5, 2016

Home From New England

My husband and I arrived home late last night from eight wonderful days visiting New England.  We began our trip in Augusta, Maine where I was a member of this year's faculty for the Maine Quilts Annual Quilt Show.  And...what a show it is.!!  Admittedly, I was so taken with and drawn into the entire show experience, I completely forgot to take pictures of the show!!!  (Now..is this a bad thing to be "present" in what's happening in your life at the moment?  I would say yes until the regret sets in when I wish I had photos to share and remember!)  So, I'll have to paint a picture for you.  

The show is comprised of the work of 2100 members of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild, the one and only guild in all of the state of Maine.  The guild has chapters within local municipalities , and the show displays the work of the members within.  The quilts hanging for viewing were spectacular, to say the least.  You can image the great talent and body of work among a large group such as this. (Truly kicking myself right about now for not taking pictures!)  Their raffle quilt was an amazing quilt that was designed by Edyta Sitar, and was pieced and applique perfection.  I didn't win as surely I would have a photo of that!!  Teehee! (Click on the show link above to see a photo.)

They invited six national teachers and offered classes from each teacher everyday, as well as noon lectures while you enjoyed your lunch.   Raffle baskets and a silent auction rounded out a bevy of activities.  There was so much to enjoy over the weekend, and many, many quilters did just that!

Me and Cyndi Black of The Busy Thimble Quilt Shop
Off in a room all its own was a separate display of antique quilts curated by Cyndi Black of The Busy Thimble Quilt Shop.  Cyndi and several of her extremely talented quilter friends showcased these antique quilts and made miniature versions of each!!  Unbelieveable!  The photos just don't do justice to the quilts....as always.  The collection was called Small Inspirations from Antique Quilts.  

Cyndi and I are standing in front of a an antique potholder quilt on loan from a Maine museum.  It was such a feast for the eyes in so many ways.  Notice Cyndi's miniature version to the left behind me.
Here is a full view of the original, antique quilt....velvet rope and all.
This is Cyndi's miniature reproduction.  If you'd like to see more about Cyndi's piecing adventures with this quilt, you can visit her blog, The Busy Thimble.  I had the pure pleasure of visiting her shop, The Busy Thimble, and will post photos of that very soon.  

Here's more eye candy of some of the other antique quilts and the miniature reproductions in the exhibit.....
This quilt was one of my favorites because of the workmanship and challenge of the blocks in miniature.  The Lone Star in the upper left corner for instance....so difficult...for me, at least!  
But what really blew me away was this Compass Rose!!  How spectacular is that?!!!  All hand pieced, too.  I should hope I am ever this good!  

If you ever get the change to visit and take classes at this annual event, don't pass it up.  It was one of the most memorable quilt shows I've ever attended.  Click here for the Maine Quilts website and follow news of upcoming shows.

My thanks to Callie and all the volunteers at the show, and to all of warm and wonderful quilters whom took my classes and lecture.  You made me feel very welcome and I enjoyed every moment with all of you!!  

More about The Busy Thimble Quilt Shop and my travels to Burlington, VT, and the Shelburne Museum coming soon. 

Make your needle happy and go stitching!


  1. I love seeing the photo of you and Cyndi. Wish I could have been there. Thank you for the photos of her display--that is so interesting to me.
    I just returned from a trip to Oregon--no quilt show, but I did manage to take in 4 quilt shops along the way. : )

  2. Pam, what a great experience that must of been. Oh!! To see all those beautiful antique quilts in person and the miniature versions as well. So jealous!!!

  3. oooh great photos...cyndi is a friend of mine and just happens to own my all-time favorite shop too! glad you enjoyed new england and hope you got some lobster too!

  4. Looks like you took enough pictures to inspire us. What great antique quilts and their miniature reproductions!

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Pam! It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you, and if you ever come back to New England, please stop in for a visit! I want to mention that Wendy Reed and I were co-curators of the Small Quilts Inspired by Antique Quilts exhibit. Our theme was inspired by the same type of event that the American Quilt Study Group offers for their members to be viewed at their annual seminar.

  6. Looks like a wonderful show! I'll have to try to get up there in the future. Love the minis alongside the antique quilts!!

  7. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Loved seeing the antique quilts and Cindi's!

  8. Wow! That quilt show sounds amazing. Love the antique quilts and their mini "twins". Thanks for sharing!