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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Letters From Grace is Here!!!

Hi!  I'm so glad to be back to work, albeit part-time, it still feels great to be productive again. More on this in a bit because I am so jazzed to say that my new pattern, Letters From Grace, is ready to ship!

This is such a fun quilt to make.  I chose the unusual and oh-so-pretty Black Beauty Star block for this quilt.  Love, love, love!!!  I also love how the corners of the block, paired with the sashing and cornerposts create a secondary pattern.  Don't you love when that happens?!
The blocks are 8 inches....a nice size.

It's so fun to pair up the light and the plum prints for each block.  I promise that this is an easy to piece project.  You know my directions and graphics will lead you every step of the way.
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know how I love pieced borders, right?!  Well, not every quilt needs a pieced border, but that doesn't mean the border shouldn't be interesting.  I chose to play a bit with the light print I used in the sashing, and created a double border frame design just by playing with the cornerposts.  It's simple and adds a lot to the quilt without a lot of work.  I hope you like it!

I made my quilt using all of the prints in my new fabric collection, Old Plum Calicos for Marcus Fabrics.  Click here to see all of the fabrics in the collection.  

Old Plum Calicos is being delivered to your local quilt shop right now!!   
My Letters From Grace pattern is ready to ship today.  Click here to order one for yourself.  If purples and plums aren't your favorite colors, this quilt will be just beautiful in whatever color you'd like to make it.  The quilt size is 62" x 75" and is Fat Quarter friendly.

As for me, well, surgery went very well.  I had a minimally invasive hip replacement just 2 weeks ago and am doing very well.  I'm finished with home visits and am now going to out-patient physical therapy.  I've had a knee replaced many years ago and know how super important physical therapy is to the success of the surgery.  I have a terrific PT who is also accredited with an osteo certification.  He sure knows his stuff!  

I'm a person who chooses to keep myself pretty busy, so two weeks of sitting much of the day in a chair was almost more than I could stand.  I did do quite a bit of hand sewing, which was nice, and read a few books, but I much prefer being back at work.  I'm here on a somewhat part-time basis depending on how much energy I have and PT appointments and the like, but it sure feels great!  

Thank you all so much for your very kind Get Well wishes sent by email and Facebook and cards in the mail.  All touched me very much and just remind me of how caring and generous the quilting community is.  

I appreciate all of you, my dear quilting friends, more than you'll ever know!


  1. Love the quilt pattern and fabrics. The border is different and frames the quilt beautifully.

    Glad to hear you are recovering so well.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous, Pam!! Good block choice in these delicious fabrics! Funny that the little churn dash quilt in the background of the second photo is what I just made using this fabric line. I used the purples in place of the blues and I used a medium blue from one of your other lines in place of the greens. I love it!
    Oh, I am glad surgery went well--and I feel really bad that I missed the date. I had planned on sending well wishes, but somehow had a different date in my mind. Not being on FB and such, I don't always keep up with what is going on. In spite of that, you have been in my prayers!

  3. Glad to see that you are up and about and your surgery went well. Letters from Grace is a beautiful quilt, and I love those gorgeous purples and plums.

  4. Glad your surgery went well and that you're starting to get up and about again.

    I like the border on this quilt, and that Black Beauty Star may just find its way into one of my future quilt designs. :)

  5. So happy to hear you are (almost) back to normal! This quilt is sensational. I forgot to ask Cyndi this weekend if she was going to get the Old Plum Calicoes in but I am guessing YES. Lovely!

  6. It is just fantastic quilt and pattern.This fabric line is yummiest!

    Great you are recovering so well

  7. This pattern is absolutely lovely and I think that border treatment is perfect (you are so clever!). I'm glad your surgery went well and happy that you take the PT seriously. It can make all the difference in the world. Best wishes for continued improvement!

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