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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Special Itty Bitty Mini

A little more than a week ago, these quilts were on display during Fall Market in Houston in the Marcus Fabrics booth.  Well, actually, it was a special booth all its own called the Marcus Makers booth.  

All of the Marcus designers, i.e., Marcus Makers, were asked to create a special 24 inch quilt that would represent their style, fabrics and designs. 

 What a wonderful array of quilts, don't you think?  What a nice representation of traditional and modern.

Can you guess which one is mine?  
Conestoga Stitches is the quilt I made for the Marcus Makers booth.  Those Nine Patch blocks are 1.5 inches finished and the Flying Geese are .75 x 1.5 finished.  Yup....I went itty, bitty.  Are you surprised?  

The fabrics are new from my upcoming Conestoga Crossing collection coming to your local quilt shop in December.
Tiny blocks are a challenge for me, so that's one reason I chose to do that.  And, those Flying Geese with the HST in the center were especially challenging as the HST's finished to 11/16ths!!
I would be remiss to not mention that my friend, Ronda, quilted Conestoga Stitches for me.  It was a challenge for her as well as sometimes it's hard to find quilting designs that work in 1/2 inch spaces!  She always does an awesome job.

I do not have plans to make a pattern for Conestoga Stitches because I honestly don't think many quilters would want to make those 11/16th HSTs.....right?  But...never say never.

Don't forget that shops all over the U.S. are getting ready to offer you my new Conestoga Crossing Block of the Month.    Ask for it at your favorite quilt shop!

I wanted to talk a bit about my Pocket Patchwork Sew-Alongs.  I love them, and had every intention of offering one this year, but family commitments, heath issues, surgeries (my husband had his knee replaced too), and a very busy work schedule caused my good intentions to offer a Sew-Along to be constantly postponed.  

I just wanted you to know that I have not abandoned nor forgotten about it.  This year, life has gotten in the way of a lot of plans, and it just happens to us all.  I actually have the next Sew-along designed but have no idea when I can make it happen.  I'm thinking about a new approach because TIME is always an issue for us all.  (We've talked about this before!)  So, I'll be thinking of a new way to fit it in.  It's important to me to continue, and I do so enjoy them as it really is a fun way to interact with all of you...and I miss it!!

Just wanted you to know.......


  1. Looks like you have another winner with your new Conestoga Crossings collection.I can't believe you made that fabulous teeny tiny quilt. It looks quite big in the photos. I certainly would not have the patience, or the talent, to make something that small. Guess you were a happy camper last week when the Cubs took home the World Series championship. It certainly was about time.

  2. Of course I knew which one was yours. Beautiful! I truly love them all. Even the funky zebra! Can't wait to see the whole line of Conestoga Crossings.


  4. Absolutely recognized your little quilt--love at first sight here!!
    Yes, 11/16ths would be a very tricky measurement!
    I actually just recently went back on your blog to a pocket patchwork pattern you did before I found you. I may make that one up. : )
    Looks like a gorgeous new line of fabrics. Rich colors and a beautiful black--what's not to love?

  5. Your new collection is gorgeous. Beautiful fabrics. Praying that you and your husband's health is doing better. So many pretty quilts at the market. I love traditional and modern quilting. 'Been wondering when another Pocket Patchwork would be coming our way. Looking so forward to that. Prim blessings.

  6. Hi Pam! Yes, we all know about that elusive thingy called time! lol! With you and your hubby recuperating... who's going to cook that Thanksgiving turkey? ;-) Conestoga has some wonderful, rich colors in it... I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be interested in the mini pattern... just sayin'! ;-) Rest up ad be happy! :-)