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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cheddar Lovers, Rejoice!!

Cheddar Lovers ~ Your voices were heard!  

Wow ~ as usual, you all blew me away with your comments!!  Love, love reading each one of them.  I am obviously in the minority with cheddar color fabrics and am so glad that you let me know how many of you would like to have them.   It means Marcus Fabrics and I are going in the right direction giving you just the lovely fabrics you'd like to play with.

So...after reading your comments I promptly placed an order for the entire collection!  Yay!

Therefore, in early February, I'll offer bundles for PRE-ORDER.  It's good to know (from your comments) that all of you don't necessarily want the cheddar but love the taupe, so I'll offer split color bundles of just cheddar, and just taupe, as well as the entire collection so you can be sure to get the fabrics you want and not the ones you don't.  

I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear in my last post with my offer to give-away a few Fat Eighths.  Because I only have a little bit of sample yardage right now, I don't have entire bundles to give.  I just have two cheddars and one taupe print (6 pieces in all) to share at the moment, but many more free patterns to offer.  Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Here are the winning comments.....

Amanda Best - I like cheddar in small amounts in reproduction style quilts, but too much is overwhelming to me.  Your cheddars and taupes are gorgeous!

Siam Kitty - LOVE your new Cheddars, and look forward to adding them to my stash! I am making a series of Charm Quilts, and Cheddars will really add zing to them! 

Lynne Stucke - You did an awesome job with the cheddars . . . yummy enough to get those crackers out and dig right in! (are the taupes representative of crackers???) YUM!

Laura V - Oh, I hope you offer fat quarter bundles, I'm not sure the shops near me will have these! You did a fantastic job and I'm not a cheddar fan all that much, but these are so warm and beautiful! And I agree taupe is so hard to find and it is great in quilts. Awesome!

Pamela T - You are right! up until now there were very few cheddar's but now yours are delicious! and the taupe oh yes. I would put some blues with those and I would have so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win ! 

Nel - Love, love, love the cheddars!!! I've used them in many quilts, and they add a great sparkle! Thanks for a chance to win! 

Melody in WI - Gorgeous shades. The cheddar color range is what will make a quilt sparkle. I'm typically not drawn to this color except when I quilt, My quilt needs to have a little yellow or orange in it. Now off to have a grilled cheese :)), with all of this cheddar talk it's made me hungry. 

Judy Zoll - I am not a big cheddar fan but do use the color sparingly sometimes. My friend loves cheddar, should I be lucky enough to win she will be gifted! The taupes would be mine! Your fabrics are beautiful. 

Marge - I, too, am a recent convert to cheddar (fabric that is, always have been with cheese. Have you ever had Cotswald - an orange colored cheddar with chives? Yum...I digress). I'll be looking for this collection in March because I would like to use cheddar as a main fabric in a scrap quilt. As for taupe - Yes! - Bring it on! Greys are one of my neutrals, and there aren't a lot of them. My favorite neutral is red because I took a workshop with Freddy Moran years ago. (I'm digressing again!) Thank you! 

Carol - I love cheddars and taupes. What's not to love - such richness is inspirational. Never mind the fat eighth and fat quarter bundles. Just go for the half yards and full yards. Don't mess around. 

Deborah from Valpo - I love cheddar.....and I always wondered why there wasn't more cheddar to pick from. I'm always nervous about using what is in my stash because I'm afraid I'll need it later and won't be able to find it! Beautiful collection of both cheddar and taupe! Thanks so much for designing it and the opportunity to win!

Candace - Oh....you've certainly disturbed MY force, in a very good way, I was late to the cheddar bandwagon so being able to add to my miniscule stash along with much needed taupes (yes, the quilt world is lacking), would rock my ship for sure! Thanks for taking the plunge, Pam! You are a force to be reckoned with!

Gwynette from Arkansas - LOVE the cheddar and the taupes are going to a great addition to use with your blue, red, and plum fabric, also. So glad you stepped out of your box!!
All of the winners will receive a free pattern.  Since I have chosen more than 6 winners, the fabric will be inserted randomly into envelopes so we won't know who is getting it until it arrives at your door!  

Please email your mailing address to me at Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com and I'll get those envelopes in the mail.

Thank you all again for your wonderful and very funny comments.  Just when I think I'm "talking" to empty cyber space, you let me know you're there.  Makes me smile for sure!

Just a few days until Santa arrives....enjoy your holiday!  Pam


  1. Oh, good! I will definitely want to preorder a bundle of this collection. I'm glad you decided to do it, even if you would rather be eating orange cheese. : )

  2. Congrats to the winners and I am looking forward to seeing this line.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Wow! I'm so excited to be a winner! Thank you so much Pam for your generosity. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. I will definitely be interested in pre-ordering in early February. I'm a big cheddar fan and want to make a cheddar and indigo quilt sometime. Also I agree with one of your winners, Marge. I like to use grey as a neutral as well and would welcome any greys that you would make. I greatly enjoy your products and your blog.

  5. Oh Joy! Looking forward to the Cheddars arriving at the shops!

  6. Congrats to the winners!!! And, from the rest of us... "Is it February yet?" lol! Have a marvelously Merry Christmas!!! :-)

  7. I really love all of your fabrics. They are my favorites in this style. They look so old fashioned without the drabness that I see in some other designers. How very neat to be chosen a winner, thanks so much! I am looking forward to seeing your new fabrics!

  8. Love the cheddars, as well as the taupes! Will happily add them to my shop stock next to the Old Plums!!