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Friday, February 10, 2017

Up For A Little Challenge??

All of the Marcus Makers Designers and the creative team in Marcus Fabrics' NYC offices have been working on a little challenge for you.  

We think your favorite mug needs a cozy rug!

All of the Marcus Maker designers have designed an original and FREE pattern for you to play with and enjoy.  But....the fun doesn't have to begin or end with our designer's patterns.  

We would love for you to create a mug rug that shows both your creativity AND Marcus fabrics.  
We're calling this our Mug Shot Challenge, which I think is an oh-so-clever way of saying we want you to post photos of your mug rug(s) (aka MugShot) to Instagram!  Why??  

Prizes, of course!

You can participate by yourself, or even better, join the fun at a participating quilt shop.  

Post a photo of your mug rug to Instagram using the hashtag #MarcusMugshot.  That will be your entry for a chance to win prizes like the one shown above.   Random winners will be chosen every Tuesday, from now until April 30th, by the creative team in NYC.

Click here for all the details, and lots more information, including the link to all of those FREE Marcus Markers MugRug patterns.

I'll be talking about the design of my Mug Rug, called Sugar Rush, in my next post, along with an offer for kits, and a prize or two of my own to award!  

So, ladies and gentlemen.....make your favorite mug a cozy rug using Marcus Fabrics!  

Have fun!  


  1. 'Sounds like a lot of fun + prizes. Looking forward to seeing your new Sugar Rush pattern.

  2. Delores Smith's pattern won't download on the Marcus site.... :(

  3. Very clever idea! Looks like fun. : )

  4. Great idea, but don't have the technology that has Instagram. :-(

  5. So that is why your quilts are so perfect! Thanks for the starching tips. I have never used it, but I am always looking for new things to try.