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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cottonwood Creek

I have to say....it feels soooo good to have this quilt done!  It was fun to make, but when you're in a crush rush to complete it, some of the fun disappears.  That's always the way just before market, and I'm sure you read the same thing from many other designers who were sewing madly to get all the last quilts completed in time.  Exhale....sigh.....smile....it's done!  
Don't for a minute think I did this on my own!  It was with the help of several friends who made its timely completion possible.  I did most of the piecing, but Debbie & Ronda helped with the borders, and Ronda did all of the amazing quilting.
Ronda and I worked for more than a week in choosing designs for the quilt, and I'm so happy with how it turned out.  
I had the quilt home to take these photos for all of 30 minutes until it was shipped overnight to the folks at Marcus Fabrics to hang in their booth.  I took these photos without a flash on an overcast day to really show the quilting.
The fabrics are much livelier than what you see here, but this light really allows the quilting designs to be seen.  I know many of you like to see the quilting for ideas....I know I look for that as well in other quilts.  Pinterest has been a great source for that....don't you think?
My Cottonwood Creek pattern is being shipped to your LQS this week, so please ask for it on your next visit!  Also in your LQS is my new Pam's Prairie Basics and Shirtings collection, which is what Cottonwood Creek is made of.

If you can't find my Cottonwood Creek pattern in your LQS, you can order it here.

Please support your Local Quilt Shop!!!
While quilt market was taking place, my DH and I decided to take a trip to see the sights in North and South Dakota.  Here we are with the Badlands behind us.  It was a whole lotta driving, let me tell you, but worth every mile.

The day we went to see Mt. Rushmore, it was completely fogged in.  We were so bummed as you can imagine.  But, thanks to the readers who commented on my blog as to what to see when we were there, I knew to travel the Needles Highway.  It was a blast to drive....so long as you don't mind hairpin turns and one-lane rock tunnels.  I love driving scenic routes for that reason.  And...if you're reading this blog, you obviously love stitching as I do, so how could I miss a route called Needles Highway....and the 'Needles Eye Tunnel'?
The trip on Needles Highway and through Custer State Park took long enough that luck was with us and the fog lifted.  It was an overcast day, but we did get to see Mt. Rushmore!!  We had been told that it was underwhelming...but I didn't think so at all.  DH and I loved it.  We did visit the Crazy Horse memorial as well, and the final day took a driving trip into ND, then headed home.  

I crossed off two more states and several items on my bucket list, listened to two audio books and did a whole lot of hand stitching while taking turns driving the 2,500 miles round trip.  I'm so grateful I was able to see everything, grateful to be feeling well again and up to the trip, and grateful for some much needed time stitching and relaxing.  

We all need those get-aways now and then.  The Norfolk Pines of the Black Hills inspired me and just might make their way into a new quilt.  Speaking of inspiration.....I thank those of you who left a comment about what you'd like to read about in future posts.  I took notes of all of your suggestions and will do my best to share some piecing knowledge with you.  

I do have many things in the works that I'm excited about and some fun stuff planned for us to share.  In the meantime, enjoy your Memorial Day....remembering the reason to honor the fallen heros and spend time with family and friends.  

Be well....and happy stitching!  


  1. It is another beautiful quilt, Pam. You just keep coming up with them somehow! Ronda nailed it on the quilting. She really highlighted the piecing with her stitches, and that is what a good quilter does.
    Looks like a trip I need to finally take, since it was dropped years ago for some forgotten reason when we had originally planned on going.
    I have heard the "underwhelming" thing before. My guess is that people expected to be closer to it than you actually are, so they expect it to appear larger than it does from the distance at which you are able to view it. Maybe we have seen too much of the old movie "North by Northwest"! : )

  2. I never thought Mt. Rushmore underwhelming, it was an awesome sight when we saw it some 35 years ago. So happy you had the opportunity to see this wonder. That is a fabulous quilt finish too!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful quilt! Your trip sounds wonderful and with a place like needles eye it could not disappoint.

  4. Wow! Another Beauty. You do design beautiful quilts.
    We did the Badlands, Little Bighorn, and Rushmore last year. So beautiful!
    Glad you got to see it such great history.

  5. Cottonwood Creek is awesome! I love the traditional look to it, and your Ronda's quilting really made the piecing stand out. It's funny -- following blogs such as yours make your readers feel as if they've gotten to know you. And it's even more true with someone who creates -- your choices show us so much about you, color, patterns, etc. So happy for you to be feeling better and that you were able to take such a neat trip -- which I'm sure provided inspiration for future projects.

  6. P.S. I cannot imagine someone being so jaded as to think Mt. Rushmore underwhelming!~ I was totally inspired by it, both times I've had to privilege of seeing it, as a child and again, as an adult. Sort of like the Statue of Liberty -- an icon that did not disappoint.

  7. Beautiful quilt Pam. You can definitely tell a lot of work went into it.
    I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  8. Awesome to see that you got to Rushmore, Pam! Isn't it just mind boggling what he was able to do on that mountain??
    Cottonwood Creek is an amazing quilt. If I didn't have 35 projects waiting in the wings, I'd order the kit in a heartbeat!

  9. A beautiful quilt and such a wonderful trip, very impressive.

  10. Fantastic design and so great you had been there and have fun!