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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

While I Sew...

I'm still sewing away on my Top Secret project, which means I don't have much to share at the moment.  Kinda frustrating to tell the truth.  I think I will be able to show major progress on my new pattern, Plantation Stars next week which will be fun.  

But for now....I wanted to share something you might enjoy as much as I do.
I'm watching this series on Netflix while I sew and enjoy it immensely.  It takes place in New York (and all around the Colonies) in 1776, and is about a cabbage farmer who becomes a spy for General George Washington and the Continental Army.  The British, of course, are everywhere, even lodging in your home, so the rebels and spies must work in secret getting news about the British to the General.  

While the story has a whole lot to do with the revolution, we do get to enjoy scenes of ordinary life during that time.  In a recent episode, I was happy to see women quilting around a large frame, and another at the spinning wheel.  

The series has 3 seasons already done and ready to watch, which means it's likely a whole lot of you already enjoy it.  I just thought I'd put it out there in case some of you haven't heard of it before.  

My sewing machine is calling.  Be well.....


  1. I am enjoying this series too! Happy Quilting. Love your blog.

  2. yes a great series....season 4 recently on AMC but prefer netflix so i can binge watch...

  3. Thanks for the head's up on Turn. I have been meaning to see it so now I will try watch and catch up. Our show ends today. My friend came from CA to go with me and shop at Cyndi's. We did some damage. I bought all she had left of one of your shirting. I didn't need the whole 10 yards right away, but I know it won't go to waste! I love your shirting!!

  4. Yes, Turn is one of the best shows on Netflix--I have binge watched all three seasons (and will probably watch them again)

  5. I've been loving Turn as well, started over since a new season means you have to start at the beginning. oooof! but fun anyway!

  6. I don't have cable TV so I didn't know anything about the series but I do have Netflix. Started watching it and I love it!
    Thanks Pam

  7. I love Turn as well. I can't watch it while sewing, though, because I miss too much dialogue with my machine running 😊