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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tokens of the Past: Two Color Classics Sneak Peek

I'm back from a lovely trip to visit two quilt guilds in Texas.  I had a wonderful time there as I always do when I get to spend quality time with quilters!!  My thanks to all the folks from Vereins Quilt Guild and the Hill County Quilters Guild for the warm and hearty welcome they gave my hubby and me.  

Just one day back to work and the pre-fall quilt market crush is upon us.  We're busy making plans to finish the last of the new quilts for market, trying to catch up on orders, and what seems like a million other details.  It's all good....no complaints here!

I just couldn't resist showing you a sneak peek of three new quilts is am SO JAZZED about!!  These little darlings are the three two color quilts in my newest Tokens of the Past pattern called Two Color Classics.  I hope you find them as irresistible as I do!! 

They are off to be photographed and we're working on the cover.  The pattern and kits will be available very soon, so watch my blog for the big announcement.

Val, my quilter who is lending her talents and quilting magic to Plantation Stars, tells me it's almost done.  I can hardly wait!!  Pattern and kits will be coming soon on that one as well.  

And...then there's Rebecca's Thimble....another new pattern, also featuring two color quilts.  I sense a theme here....must be my mood lately.  

I don't know about you, but I do so love a traditional two-color quilt.  

Must find time to write my next Quilting Essentials blog post....I haven't forgotten.

And....work is well underway on my 2018 BOM.  Exciting stuff going on here.  

Summer is hanging on to the bitter end here in suburban Chicagoland.  I returned from Texas to the hottest weather we've had here all summer!  Frankly, I long for the cooler days of fall, and am concerned that these hot days will rob us of glorious colors in our fall leaves.  

Mother Nature sure is letting us know who's boss lately.  Let us not forget all of those effected by the hurricanes and earth quakes and keep them in our prayers.  

As I stitch in the evening, I count my blessings with a grateful heart.  


  1. 'Love them. Two color quilts are very pretty, and these are excellent :)

  2. No better way then to showcase some beautiful fabrics by making a two color quilt. Can't wait to see the entire quilts. Glad you had an enjoyable and safe trip to TX.