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Monday, December 18, 2017

Tall Grass Will Be In Quilt Shops Soon!

In just a few short weeks, my newest fabric collection, Tall Grass, will arrive at your local quilt shop.  

Eleven yummy shades of green prints accompanied by seven assorted light prints round out the collection that are sure to be a welcome addition to your stash!  

Click here to see all of the Tall Grass prints.

I remade my Letters From Grace quilt pattern using all the prints in the Tall Grass collection.  I'll post more photos of the quilt, the quilting and the fabric collection in a few weeks when they arrive here.  

Please ask for Tall Grass and my Letters From Grace pattern at your local quilt shop.  SO important to support your local shop!! 

Last week, I took a poll asking which holiday(s) you made quilted projects.  Here's the ranking of your answers:

(Participants were allowed more than one answer)

69% made Christmas projects
52% made Fall/Halloween projects
37% made Snowman or Winter theme projects
24% made Patriotic projects
8% made Easter or Spring projects
7% made Valentine projects

Any surprises in those stats for you?  I am surprised that only 24% made patriotic projects.  I would have thought that much higher.  

Off to bake a batch of cookies!  


  1. I am surprised at the low turnout of the Valentine's projects. I have 2 of those! I need to work on sprucing up my summer quilt collection though!

  2. Some really beautiful fabrics in this collection, Pam!

  3. I do love your prints but wish they would do some precuts for those who can’t afford to buy fat quarters all the time.

  4. Lovely greens, Pam! That is a color that I need to collect! I never seem to have as much green as other colors.
    I am surprised about the Patriotic quilts. I think I have more r/w/b little quilts than anything else.

  5. I'm surprised about the patriotic turn out too. I have one room that is mostly red, white and blue quilts. They make my heart happy when I see them.
    Love this new line of fabrics. And I love the name you chose for them too.

  6. Pretty projects,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


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