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Friday, May 18, 2018

Primitive Threads Visits My House

After much anticipation, my brand new Primitive Threads quilt returned home....for a short visit.
This lovely quilt traveled to Las Vegas so Val Kreuger could add her talents with mine to create what I think is one spectacular quilt (I say very humbly!)
I don't know about you....but I think Val outdid herself as her quilting is stunning!!
I really could not be happier!!  Thank you so much, Val!!  I'm so proud of our combined efforts.
Last week, I had a four day trip out of town, and when I came back, my co-worker and friend Debbie, had the quilt all trimmed and bound.  Just in the nick of time, too!
Primitive Threads was home for just a few hours.  Here it is all bound and ready for photography.
I had about two hours to drop the quilt off with my photographer to take the cover photo.  Then I packed it up and FedEx took it for shipping to Portland where it will be on display in the Marcus Fabrics booth at quilt market.   We had a quick visit and it was gone again.
As it sometimes happens with best made plans, there is a hitch to my story.  Unfortunately, there is a problem with the photos my photographer took of the quilt.  They are unusable and therefore I can't complete the pattern cover.  Ugh!!!  But...stuff happens to everyone and I have to wait about 2 weeks for the quilt to return home to be able to take new photos and get the cover all done.  What can you do?  As soon as we have the cover done, the patterns will be up on my website.

I am busier than a chicken being chased by the Colonel!  Travel, while loads of fun, makes lots of catch-up work when you get home, as I'm sure it is for you when you're away.  Along with Primitive Threads, my new Tokens of the Past: Yuletide Greetings quilts and patterns are very nearly complete.  They turned out so, so good and can't wait to share!  And....I'm still rising early every morning to continue work on my super secret scrappy project which will be announced in November.  Oh...and work is already under way for my second book with Martingale!  Several new fabric collections are in production and some brewing in my head.

Needless to say....as with all quilters....we're never bored!  

Be sure to look for my Primitive Threads fabric collection at your local quilt shop!! 
Click here to see all the prints in the collection. 

Be well and stitch with a happy heart.....


  1. An absolutely gorgeous quilt, Pam! It is a beautiful design to start with, and the quilting takes it up a notch or two (or more). :)
    Too bad about the cover photos. Disheartening when careful plans hit a roadblock.
    Looking forward to finding this fabric in the shop over the mountain, but that will have to wait until my son's wedding is over and family have all returned home. Something to look forward to that will provide therapy after all of the excitement and busyness of the wedding.

  2. This is a sensational quilt and the quilting really does finish it nicely. So sorry to hear about the photography snafu. You do sound crazy busy, but a good kind of busy I'm sure. I'd love to see pictures of the Marcus booth with this gem hanging in it!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. Love the blocks,colors,quilting, just lovely. Jealous of your lovely finish. 2018 has not been happy or productive here, can’t wait for “ normal life” to be back.


  4. My husband, Kurt, walked into the room as I was reading this post on the computer. He commented: "That is really a beautiful quilt - very punchy." I agree.


  5. Your quilt is gorgeous! Love the colors and design and the quilting really enhances it.

  6. This quilt is simply stunning. Beautiful work, all the way around!