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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Impressed with my fabulous photo of squares??  Teehee!  I always need a photo for a blog post, and I want to share the winners for my last post, and honestly couldn't think of anything....until, I looked around to see all the projects I'm currently working on using squares.  While I can't show the projects yet (always frustrating for both of us!), I can tell you....if you don't do this already, start cutting and saving 1 inch and 1.5 inch squares.  From friend to friend....just sayin' (wink, wink.)  I think you'll be really happy if you do.  And...while you're stash diving, be sure to read my post on The Ohio Principle.
I really enjoyed reading your comments about your stash and organizing tips.  If you have time, look them over, there's a lot of great advice there!  

Here are the three comments chosen to receive a Heartspun Quilts pattern of your choice.  They are....


I didn't know it had a name, "OHIO" but I love it! I try, I mean I really, really try to be organized. But, I find I still make little piles after a project. I do get to them and cut them into strips to put in drawers of that strip size. I have found that works best for me...well so far. Never thought of the cutting ahead for the specific project idea, but I really like that concept. My 3 year old Granddaughter thinks the drawers of strips are for her to put up on the design wall. Hahahaaa...I don't mind handling those scraps a million times because watching her play is priceless joy to me! 


Hi Pam, Love this system!! I feel I'm pretty organized, I have to be because my sewing and storage space is quite small, so I really wouldn't be able to function if I weren't putting things back in their own spot right away. I do have to say I love scrappy quilts, but I really love block and fabric exchanges. I have found myself using the same fabrics in lots of quilts and that concerns me. That's also why I usually only buy fat quarters or snippets of fabrics. And there are always new fabric lines coming out that I really love, especially yours!!

Traditional Quilter....

I sort all my fabrics by colors and put them in totes I can see through and place them on shelves. I mostly make scrap quilts. Whenever I cut into new fabrics I like to cut some into strips in widths I use often and I have smaller totes that I organize these in by color and size. I keep a tote for narrow scraps for string piecing. I have totes for scrap pieces and also keep totes for bonus triangles and squares. I like to keep all my fabrics wrinkle free, so I am careful to place all my fabrics flat in my containers neatly. You had some great tips in your post Pam thanks!

Please email your mailing address to me at Pam@HeartspunQuilts.com along with the pattern of your choice.  

Thanks, everyone who left a comment.  Means a lot to me, ya know!!  

Back to work and hope you spend at least a little time sewing and feeding your soul!  


  1. Just mail me that box, Pam. You have my address!!! Those are just so, so, so pretty!!

  2. Love that box of beautiful goodness. I am working on two tops at once and need over 4000 2 1/2 inch squares so, if that box needs a new home, mine is available. Just saying. LOL

  3. These are just lovely! Beautiful to look at. Great way to organize. Can I ask where these storage containers can be purchased? Need some badly.

  4. What a lovely surprise to wake up to. Thank you so much Pam, I am going to go pick my pattern out now. Congrats to the other winners too!! Love your box, I need to get me one of those too.

  5. Wow I need to bring out my squares and cut more, you have inspired me, yours are lovely Pam. I just emailed you my address and pattern choice, they are all so wonderful it was hard choosing one. Thanks for choosing me as a winner! I loved reading everyone's organizing ideas. Have a wonderful day!!! I have a three day weekend from work and am spending most of it in my sewing studio.

  6. I like your organization. This is very important if we want to have everything under control :) I sometimes have a problem with it, but your idea of organization is very nice and I have to apply the same.
    Regards, ctnbee