Saturday, January 11, 2020

New! Cheddar & Chocolate Fat Quarter Bundles!!

At last!!!  It's here!!!  Cheddar & Chocolate has arrived!!  
I couldn't wait to open up the boxes and see all these wonderful prints!
It's been so, so long since I've had a cheddar line!  Hope it was worth the wait!
And who doesn't love chocolate??

The waiting is over!  Cheddar & Chocolate Fat Quarter bundles are ready to ship!  

Click here to order a bundle of yummy fabrics all your own.  

Cobbler's Crossing by Pam Buda ~

Cobbler's Crossing is the first quilt I designed with Cheddar & Chocolate.

I'm binding this quilt right now, and as soon as I can cut them, a limited number of kits will be available for this quilt.

I'll post photos of the quilt and kit when it's ready.

Past & Present by Pam Buda ~

Past & Present is the second quilt designed with Cheddar & Chocolate.

This quilt is on its way back from being quilted by the oh-so-talented Vegas Val, Valerie Krueger!  I can't wait to see what she did!

Pattern and a limited number of kits will be coming soon for this quilt as well.

Cheddar & Chocolate is also arriving at your favorite quilt shop.  Many of them are kitting these quilts as well, so please ask for them at your favorite shop!!

Be well....back to sewing my secret project.   


  1. I am so happy to see a cheddar line - I love to use cheddar and it is so hard to find.

  2. What a lovely combination!!! Cheddar and Chocolate!

  3. On my gosh Pam! They are yummy!

  4. I definitely want to make one of these quilts--just can't decide which one calls my name the loudest (believe me, they are both calling)!

  5. Love them both Pam, I can't make up my mind which one is my favorite, the one with the dark border or the light. Both are yummy in my book!