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Friday, March 27, 2020

Brighten Your Day With Bess' Flower Garden

Nothing is better than getting a package of fabric in the mail, right?  While we're all tucked away safely at home, I thought perhaps you'd like to get a delivery of my new fabric, Bess' Flower Garden.  
I took my favorite prints from Mrs. Miller's Apprentice and recolored them in reds....luscious, beautiful red!  My favorite color!  
I couldn't stop there.....so I went into my fabric archives and chose 8 other prints to recolor in shades of blue....gorgeous blues.  My second favorite color....a close second to red.
No collection is complete without a variety of lights.  I went looking to recolor some favorite prints here, too.  Recognize them from past collections?  

Bess' Flower Garden Fat Quarter bundles are ready to ship today.  So, order a bundle of fabric happiness to be delivered to your doorstep!  

You can order bundles here.

Please know how much I appreciate you, dear reader and friend.  Your emails and comments mean so very much, and your support of my patterns and fabric....my little business, means a whole lot.  It enables me to keep doing what I love doing, and I hope you love it, too.  I'm always grateful for each and every order I receive.  

Confinement is going ok for me...so far.  Illinois has been in lock down since Saturday, so I've been home about a week.  That's not all that unusual for me...how about you?  I think it may become harder as the time goes by....not seeing people and going places.  So, it's important 
that we all keep a cheerful state of mind.

I have been trying to catch up on some work and sort through piles.  Piles seem to take on a life of their own here, which I don't like at all.  I'm an organized person at heart, so piles make me unhappy...yet I'm the one who makes the piles.  (Insert eye rolling emoji here.)

I have been sure to take some time each day for sewing.  That is, after all, our happy place.  I am finishing blocks for a trade I'm in with friends.  Besides shuffling piles around....I'm designing a new fabric collection.  Once that's finished, I'll be writing and sewing my 2021 BOM.  It's all designed and my sample fabric is in the house!  Can't wait to begin working on it and even more excited to show you!!  But, for now, that will have to wait.  

What a blessing our piecing/quilting is for us.  Almost makes me sorry for folks who don't sew.  We know that piecing has brought many, many women through hard, hard times, dreadful wars, heartbreaking loss and untold tragedies.  It's here for us today, getting us through whatever we have to deal with, offering an escape and still....making something beautiful in the end...a quilt.  Or, making a face mask to help in the time of need.  

So...we will stick together....all of us quilters.  Share our piecing experiences and all the beautiful things we make, and we know...this, too, shall pass.  

Above all...Be well.  


  1. I am so thankful to have quilting right now during this confinement. It definitely helps keep my mind and hands occupied! Take care!

  2. I loved those prints when they were blue (which is my favorite), and in red they really shine! It is fun to see some favorites in different colorways. Looking forward to when Village Dry Goods opens again and I can hopefully find some of these there.

  3. Pam ~ It is so nice to have the chance to connect with our stitching friends through the internet. I imagine every women was taught some kind of sewing just to survive. I remember you sharing some of your antique samplers, and thinking about those very young girls learning those stitches. I imagine they were taught the basic sewing skills also so they could keep up with all the mending needing to be done. My stitching is centered mostly on my enjoyment and not the need to supply clothing although when my two girls were young I did enjoy making clothes for them. As they grew they sure didn't want to wear anything made by hand. LOL That's when my journey into quilting began, and I am still learning new things everyday. And I have had the pleasure from learning a lot from you, thank you for all you do in the quilting world. It is very much appreciated. Please keep undoing your piles and making new ones, and stay safe.

  4. Your words really resonate with me today! I, too, think of all the women (including in my own family) for whom quilting was a saving grace during times of challenge. I love your new line of fabrics so much -- red and blue are truly my favorites, also. Thanks for offering us such beauty -- keep on keeping on!