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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Girl Trip!

I'm so, so jazzed!!!  I'm going on a girlfriend retreat starting Monday!!  I haven't been on a retreat in years and I'm SO overdue.  Excited isn't even close to describing how I feel.  

To all of my friends out there....in America and across the globe....take good care of yourselves.  It's a good time to stay with your machine and sew, sew, sew.  

I'll check in when I return home.  Don't worry....I'm taking good care, too!


  1. Have a great time, Pam. My Bernina and I are spending some sewing girl time together for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the wind will change direction as we get on toward spring and we can all relax.

  2. Have fun and sew on!!! HUGS... and stitches

  3. Safe travels to you Pam, enjoy your girl time and share pics of your fun!!

  4. Sorry but the fact that you are going on a girls trip is really unsettling. Have you not listened to all the warning? I'm currently in lockdown in my home because I am sick...and when I read your post I was actually feeling angry!
    I got sick from someone I work with. She came to work not feeling well...she laughed when I suggested she go home and get tested...well a week and a half later, I am now under quarantine.

    You need to take this seriously and give a little thought about your girlfriends health and really...is a retreat really more important than your health?!

  5. I too, live in Illinois and am sheltering in place. I am using my time to get organized. I have gathered things to donate & cleaned my home. Now let the stitching begin!