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Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Little Summer Breeze

I bet you're wondering what a summer breeze has to do with fabric and quilting?  Well....this is a short story about how orphan blocks have saved the day.  

We all can relate to a summer breeze moving things around on our outdoor patio.  No sooner would I clean and set the table with place mats and the breeze would move them around or toss them on the floor. 
An idea struck a solution with some orphan blocks I had laying in a drawer.  I made pinkeep/paper weights out of them!  
Problem solved......and..they're so darn cute on the table!
I bought these 2 glass jars with lids (Hobby Lobby) to store them when not in use.  
They look really good on the patio cabinet counter.  Orphans to the rescue!

Hope this gives you an idea of another way to use an orphan block.  I'll be outside enjoying the beautiful weather we're having at the moment.  I try to be out there at least once a day to experience summer while it's here.  It's gonna really heat up over the weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.  Stay safe and keep on creating!
Be well.....


  1. What a clever lady! I will need to make a few of those !! tks!

  2. I have been masks, lots of masks. We have state mandate so folks are scrambling. Stay safe. Love your little weights.

  3. What a very cute idea! Love it! Can I come sit a spell on your patio? It looks so inviting! HUGS... and stitches

  4. What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like a olace that is very comfortable. Love the little placemat weights. I also love that cabinet!!!

  6. What a super idea! Just one more way for orphans to save the day!

  7. That's a great use of your blocks Pam, and love the cabinet and jars holing them. Before we know it our summer will be over and we will be stuck inside. I love your outside space!! Thank's for always inspiring me.

  8. That is so clever--and I love the storage jars. Hobby Lobby, look out, here I come!
    Your patio looks very cozy and inviting.

  9. What a perfect idea!!! Must think on this.

  10. Filled with what? Had to be heavy enough to hold the placemats down so fiberfill wouldn't work.