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Monday, August 24, 2020

ForeverMore Original

Did you miss me??  I missed you!!  As you may have expected, I was consumed with completing my ForeverMore block of the month quilt so it could be sent off to the quilter.   And then finished writing the pattern so it could send off for proofreading.  Both elements are now in the hands of professionals....thank goodness!  
I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the antique quilt that has the wonderful ForeverMore border print.
This beat-up, wrinkled quilt top with holes and rips was balled up in a box on the floor of a booth at an antique shop in MA.  Not pretty at all.  
It's a very weird Log Cabin design with some kind of cigarette or cigar prints in the center of each block.  I don't care if it's pretty or what kind of condition it's in.  I just want to see the fabrics.
As I opened it up and began searching the fabrics, my heart about leaped out of my chest when I spotted this print.  It's really rare to find a lovely print such as this.  Really rare...and you just never know where or when you will.  
This is likely one of my all-time-favorite prints I've ever had the pleasure of reproducing.  I didn't change one thing about it except to make a wee bit bigger.  I love it both the original brown color and in the new red.  I sure hope you do, too!  

Are you beginning to see ForeverMore offered at shops near you?  Shop owners are signing up now, so be sure to ask about it at your local shop!  

While I may not have been blogging, that doesn't mean I was not busy planning things for the future.  Here's just a few things to look forward to:

* a new Quilt Archaeology in just a few short weeks!
* a fall sew along
* a big, fun special event (you're gonna love) from all of the Marcus Fabrics designers
* a new compilation book from Martingale Publishing
* very exciting new fabric line being introduced in October....to name a few!

I'm hoping I won't be too busy in the coming weeks to blog.  I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for behind-the-scenes posts that don't appear here on the blog.  

Be well, my friends....keep on stitching!


  1. Squeal! I am with you, that print is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to get it in every colorway!!

  2. Love the fabric and the new quilt

  3. Pam ~ hose fabrics that you reproduced really tug at my heart! I love both the brown and red, hard to choose a favorite. Thank you so much for finding that torn and tattered quilt and giving life to it's memory. A very unusual log cabin block with those flags in the center, but still a lovely block.

  4. I luuuuuv those fabrics! Great find.