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Friday, October 23, 2020

Quilt Archaeology ~ October Treat ~ Part Four


Wow - these weeks have flown by so quickly!  I've been looking forward to posting each week for both Quilt Archaeology and Monday's With Marcus.  Let's get down to Quilt Archaeology business first.  Can you believe this is our last week?

Here is where we finished last week.  

Now, we're adding setting triangles to turn our quilt center on point.  We do this all the time, and piecing setting triangles are fairly straight forward.  THE most important thing is to cut the squares in half with precision.  Have you ever had your triangle cup?  Have you made a quilt that cups in one corner?  It's likely because your setting triangles were not cut diagonally with  precision.  What that means is your rotary cutter and ruler should go from one point to the other.  Any slip and it's curses!  If I slip, I don't use either triangle....they go in the scrap bin.  The reason is the angle is all wrong, the corner of your quilt will not be square at a 90 degree angle.  It's worth a second cut!  Time to enlist a ruler holding budding to hold your ruler steady on really big diagonal cuts.  It helps.  

And finally, add the cheddar and black borders.  Gosh, that was a fun quilt to piece.

I'm relatively new to hand quilting but totally addicted.  I wanted to hand quilt this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.  In case you have the hand quilting bug, too, here's what I did.  

After basting the quilt with big red stitches, I used my Clover white disappearing pen to mark a simple cross-hatch grid.  Straight stitches are where I get a lot of practice.  One thing I learned.....black quilt....buy black batting!  

I wanted to do something different in the border.  Something I had never done before.

I don't have many quilting templates, especially one that would fit in this narrow border.  I really liked this one and I enjoyed stitching it.  Once the quilting was complete, a press with the iron removed all the white marks from the Clover pen.  (Pen available here.)  No matter how you decide to quilt your October Treat, I sincerely hope it brings you many years of happiness.

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No matter where you live, stay home and stitch....stay safe and be well.  Wishing everyone safety and good health!!!


  1. This came out SO cute. Just love blocks on point! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think your October Treat is the sweetest little quilt and perfect for the month in orange and black! Thank you for the hint about the black batting.

  3. Pam ~ I love the fabrics in this fun quilt, thank you so much for the tutorials, so helpful as always! I found out the hard way too about the black batting. Live and learn, right! I loved your first video and hope there will be more coming.