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Thursday, December 3, 2020

ForeverMore Fabrics Arrive!


We've been waiting sooooo long!  The wait is over as ForeverMore fabrics are arriving at quilt shops everywhere!  Yay!  

There's been a bit of a delay in receiving fabrics from the mill.  It's happening to all fabric companies all over the world due to the you-know-what virus.  (sigh)  

They're about a month late.  No more waiting!  I'm so jazzed to get these fabrics in hand.

I have Fat Quarter bundles and yardage of ForeverMore ready to ship!   

Will you be able to resist these historic prints?  ForeverMore has some of the oldest antique prints from my collection.  Some of them are from the eighteenth century.  Many are from the nineteenth century.  

I'm also super excited to say that I have a rather rare commodity.....

10 inch precuts of ForeverMore!  

For real!  Marcus Fabrics doesn't make many 10 inch precuts, but we have some of ForeverMore.  They are a very limited quantity, so don't delay if you want one.  There are 40 prints each cut to a 10 inch square.  

Also back in stock......Plumberry Fat Quarter bundles!  We've waited months and months for this fabric.  This is your very last opportunity to own the complete collection of Plumberry.  I have a limited quantity of Fat Quarter Bundles, so don't delay in picking one up.  

Please be sure to visit your local quilt shop for ForeverMore and Plumberry fabrics.  I always hope you will shop there first because they need you!  It's been a hard year for everyone (me included) but we have to patronize our LQS so they stay in business!  We want them here next year and for many years to come!  

Oh and by the way....do you love the quilt at the top of the post?  ForeverMore is a BOM program beginning in January, 2021!  Available only at participating quilt shops!  Click here for a (partial) list of shops.

I know many of you don't have a shop nearby that stock my fabric, or you live far from a quilt shop. I am here for you, and appreciate each and every order more than you know.  

Click here to shop ForeverMore and Plumberry fabrics.

Are you following me on Instagram and Facebook?  I've been posting lots of behind the scenes photos there.  Soon, I'll have yardage of my newest fabric collection, Primitive Traditions....can't wait to show you all the new stuff!  I have five new quilts planned for that collection.

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook!  

As we prepare for the coming holiday, I hope you find enjoyment in planning, decorating and making hand-made creations.  Since the majority of us stay at home most of the time, are you making Christmas gifts this season?  Piecing and stitching a lot?  I know I am....and it's a joyful way to pass the time.  

Stay safe, be well and keep creating!  


  1. I do love these new prints, Pam. Gorgeous stuff here! I know what I'll be looking for on my next trip to Village Dry Goods.

  2. Oh Pam, I am so excited too! I just ordered 2 precuts, one for me and one for Cyndi. Sad that I won't be able to visit her before Christmas, but I will send it to her and wait to visit when this crazy pandemic settles down. Thanks a million! Merry Christmas!!