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Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday's With Marcus II ~

Happy, happy Monday!  Oh yes....we're back with another featured Marcus Fabrics designer.

This week, Tracy Souza of Plumcute Designs is offering a sweet project for embroidery enthusiasts.  Isn't her Make Something Sweet design adorable?  Be sure to browse her website when you visit to download her free pattern.  Don't forget to also visit Monday's With Marcus Facebook page to LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE for a chance to win fabric each week!!  Who wouldn't love more fabric, right?!!

I'm so excited to announce a new Quilt Archaeology coming soon.  I recently acquired an adorable vintage doll quilt that I think you'll love as much as I do.  So, so charming.

But, right now, we are busy, busy, busy cutting a whole lot of kits from the Primitive Traditions collection.  I must take care of those quilt kit orders first.  I'm also working on sending a new fabric collection into Marcus, and designing a few quilts for upcoming collections already in production.  Gratefully, I am never bored!  Soon, I'll be showing my new Farmer's Daughter line...very different from my usual palette, and I'm loving it!  

Best get back to cutting so I can get those orders out.  Sincerely hoping you are all doing well, and finding time everyday to do what makes you happy!  Be well.....

1 comment:

  1. Pam ~ I don't know how you get everything done!! You are such an inspiration to me. I'm looking forward to seeing that new line that you are working on and the new Archaeology quilt. And I love the name Farmer's Daughter for that line. You keep my love of quilting alive!!!