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Friday, June 18, 2021

Abigail's Sew Along ~ Part Four

 We're humming along on our Quilt Archaeology adventure.  Our blocks are now all complete and we are onto the last step in preparation for assembly!  Yay!

This week, we're making our pieced cornerposts.  Easy, peasy!  

Gather (2) Half Square Triangles and (2) Aged Muslin squares.  Sew a Half Square Triangle to an Aged Muslin square; press to the square.  Make (2) units.  

Sew the units together as shown to make the cornerpost unit.  Repeat to make a total of (7) cornerpost units.

That's it!  Next week....we'll put them all together into our wonderful quilt.  I sincerely hope you are enjoying our quilting together....I know I am!!

IN THE STUDIO.....I am preparing for the delivery of the sample fabric of my new Prairie Dry Goods collection.  And what a collection it is!  Forty four prints in the widest variety of colors I've ever done.  I am beyond jazzed to work with it, and can't wait to show you!!  

I'm also designing the first quilt in my new series, Teeny, Tiny Quilts.  Hope to have that coming soon.  Trying also to enjoy a bit of summer each and every day.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content....Be well....


  1. I am hoping to assemble my top this evening--if all goes as planned. When does anything ever go as planned? Who am I kidding??
    Oh, I perked up at the mention of Teeny, Tiny Quilts! Do you need a pattern tester? ;)