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Friday, July 16, 2021

Teeny Tiny Quilt Club Begins Today!!

 Welcome to the first project in my new Teeny Tiny Quilt Club!

Teeny Tiny Stars Quilt by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts
Teeny Tiny Stars is our first project.  I adore star blocks, so I just had to have a tiny star quilt be the first.  Quilt size is approximately 7 x 9 inches.

How will the club work?

Anyone can participate, and I sincerely hope you all do!  Afraid of tiny pieces?  Perhaps this is the project to give it a try?  I'll share a tip or two as we piece this project over the next few weeks, so yes....it's a sew~along.

Click here to download the Teeny Tiny Stars pattern for a nominal fee.  

You can begin to choose your fabrics, prepare and cut your pieces.  I chose do make my quilt in blue, lights, and a deep red with black print so it would go nicely in my kitchen.  Be creative and make yours anyway you'd like! If you want to work ahead, do so!

Your first hint for tiny pieces is to starch or use spray sizing on your fabric yardage.  Read lots more about starching/sizing your fabric here.  That post will answer your questions about how to properly starch, and why it's worth the trouble.  It's TOTALLY worth your time!

Let's meet back here next Friday to begin our sew~along.  I'm so, so jazzed to sew tiny quilts with you!

In order that we can all see each other's progress, fabrics, and quilts, please use hashtag #teenytinyquiltclub  Oh, it will be so fun to get inspiration from each other!!  

If you're not sure how to view photos tagged with #teenytinyquiltclub, you can enter it as search within Instagram and  Google's search bar.  So post away with our club hashtag.  

So....let the fun begin! 

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