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Friday, September 17, 2021

Fabric Inspirations


When I'm on the hunt for antique fabric, you never know where you'll find inspiration.  I found this sweet, little bonnet sitting in a pile of junk.

It's very small, and like the tag says, likely made for a doll or teddy bear.

It has seen better days.  It has stains, holes, and is badly faded on one side, but I saw a lot of potential in this print.  It's simple, but the motif and the two different sets of dots offered a lot of possibilities!

Here is the same print in six different colorways!  I love each and every one of them.  Truth be told, it would look cute in every color!

Gotta have some for your stash?  I hope so.  Head over to your favorite quilt shop to see all of the prints in my brand new Prairie Dry Goods fabric collection.  It's an amazing collection with forty four wonderful prints in a wide variety of colors!  

Please, quilting friends.....support your local quilt shop!  I always ask that you buy your quilting goodies from your local shop before ordering from me online.  They need your business so they are there for us for years to come.  

I though you might like to see how some of my fabric prints come to be.  That little bonnet is a treasure unto itself.  It was hand stitched as you can see, and well loved.  Just wonderful.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content......Be well.


  1. That is a sweet little print. I have been trying to squeeze in a trip over the mountain with Kim. Hopefully we can get to VDG next week!

  2. Such a sweet inspiration piece!!! It created a beautiful assortment of fabrics. I love them all!! Thanks' for sharing your bonnet, I love seeing how others are inspired. It inspires me to look at all things in a different way.

  3. I love that you shared this sweet story with us. It's interesting to learn how you come up with the fabrics. And 44 ?! Wow! Quilt show is next month and we are sooo looking forward to it since missing last year.

  4. In the last few years I've been making blocks for a quilt and have enough now for a King size... in 1800's reprints. I just needed enough of something that I wanted to use fur the light alternate blocks, and was not finding what I wanted on line. I was lucky a couple weeks ago when visiting brother in law to visit a quilt shop in his town that had just the thing. I bought the rest of the bolt, not knowing exactly what amount I needed, but I know whatever is left I will definitely use!