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Friday, November 5, 2021

Decorating With Quilts Idea

 Awhile ago, I was rummaging around an antique shop and found...

....this old towel hanger.  Hhmmm.....I know just what to do with this!

A new coat of paint....

....a drill and two screws.

And, Voila!  I have a tiny quilt crane to display a favorite quilt.

If I had just the right corner, I could display two quilts.  I love it, and hope it sparks inspiration for you.  You never know what you'll find when hunting antiques!

Fat quarter bundles of Cheddar & Coal are now available!!  

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In The Studio This Week....there's a lot going on but not much new to report.  Working on shipping orders, planning events for next year, getting some design ideas together for new fabrics and quilts, you know...the usual.  It's a slower time of year, and I'm welcoming it.  Once Thanksgiving is here, we all begin preparing for the Christmas holiday, so there's nothing slow about that!  I'll enjoy the lull while it lasts.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content....Be well!

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