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Friday, October 28, 2022

Pumpkin Spice ~ Part Two


Welcome to Pumpkin Spice part two.  I trust you have your LeMoyne Star blocks completed.

Next up....the ribbon units for the blocks.  They surround the block and give the block it's great angles.

We're working with connector corners again, and everything we learned from last week's lesson on perfect connector corners is the same on this unit.

Position your black print squares to make the units on the left and the right.  Make (4) of each unit.

*Sew one of each unit side by side; press the seam open.

Make (4) ribbon units.

*Follow the pattern instructions, adding (4) black print squares, and sew the Mosaic Windmill block together.  

Make a total of (4) blocks.

Sew the four blocks together, and add the border.  Done!!  I did some very simple hand quilting to my quilt.  Love, love, love it.  Watch for more Quilt Archaeology projects in the future.  

I sincerely hope you enjoyed making Pumpkin Spice.  If you're joining us now, it's not too late to make the quilt for yourself.  Click here for the Pumpkin Spice pattern.


We are busy, busy, busy cutting and piecing two quilts using my new Plumberry II collection.  The collection will arrive in January!

I'll be taking pre-orders for the two quilts, and bundles in December.  I'll show you more of the fabrics very soon.  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well, my friends!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Pumpkin Spice ~ Part One


Welcome to part one of my Pumpkin Spice sew-along.  This little cutie will be done quickly as there are only two parts....why drag it out?  It's pretty simple and we have lots of quilts we want to make, right?  So, let's get started.

Before we get started, if you're just joining us, you can click here to buy the pattern.  It's not too late at all.

The block we're making is called Mosaic Windmill, and I love it!  I'm certain I will use it in a large quilt in the future.  

We begin by making all of our Half Square Triangles.  Refer to your pattern and be sure to trim
them to size.

As I post the photos, you'll notice the colors of the fabric change.  That's because I took the pictures outside, over several days, and the lighting changed for each photo.

Well....and I'm not the best photographer!  

Next...let's make a bunch of Flying
Geese.  Gather (4) orange and (4) rust print squares.  Draw the diagonal line.  

Make sure you correctly position the correct color on the correct side of the black print rectangle.  Otherwise, or LeMoyne star won't turn out the way it should.

The secret to perfect Flying Geese made with connector corners are:

*Make sure the diagonal line you draw goes from point to point and is accurate.

*Position the connector corner square perfectly on it's base.  

*Sew (scant) just next to the drawn line, and inside the seam allowance.  This allows for a few threads when you press the triangle.

*Always press then trim.  Press the triangle to be sure it aligns correctly, matching the base print.  If it doesn't, rip and do it again.  If it does, then it's safe to trim the two fabrics for the seam allowance.  

***CORRECTION to the pattern.  Some of you may have a pattern with an error.  Look on page 2 of your pattern, in the Flying Geese section.  The last sentence should say 'Repeat to make (16) Flying Geese units'.  Please correct your pattern to make (16) Flying Geese, not (4) Flying Geese.  My apologies for this error.

Click here to see a tutorial on Perfect Flying Geese.

Next, let's make our Pinwheel centers.

*Following your pattern, sew (4) Half Square Triangles into a Pinwheel; press.

Make a total of (4) Pinwheel units.

Let's make a LeMoyne star block.

*Using (1) Pinwheel unit, (4) Flying Geese units, and (4) black print squares, arrange the pieces for the block.  Sew into rows, then sew the rows together.

Repeat to make a total of (4) LeMoyne star blocks. 

Be sure to measure them so they are the correct size.

That's a lot of sewing for this week.

We will complete our blocks and quilt next week!  This has been fun!  Thanks for sewing along with me.  

****IMPORTANT NOTE****  I received a few emails from people confused about having to pay for the Pumpkin Spice pattern when they received their kit as it was advertised as free.  The kit comes with your order and is after the promotional event ends.

All of my Quilt Archaeology patterns are free for the three days of the promo event.  Once the promo event is over, there is a nominal fee for all patterns.  In the future, just be sure to go through the steps to get the free pattern and download it before the promo event is over.  

Now...for news on what's new IN THE STUDIO!

My new Redwood Cupboard fabric collection is arriving at your local quilt shop now.

The collection features six luscious beige and creamy tan neutral prints....

....six deep and delicious red prints.....

....and six warm and toasty brown prints.

This gorgeous print is from the Old Sturbridge Village archives and is from the early 1800s.  Gosh I just love it so.  The photo is enlarged, so it is not true to size.  It made the perfect border for the two quilts I designed with Redwood Cupboard.

I also added this lovely print for contrast.  It worked perfectly, and would make a lovely border on its own.  

Let me show you how all of these prints look in the quilts I designed.

Redwood Manor by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts
This is Redwood Manor.  The large Carpenter's Wheel is center stage with LeMoyne Stars in the center and the quilt cornerposts.  All blocks are made with modern piecing techniques....no dreaded Y seams!  You can see the dark brown/black print as the sashing and how the contrast really sets the Carpenter's Wheel blocks apart.  Love it!  Notice the border print, too!

The second quilt is called Crossfire.  It's a simpler quilt but no less stunning.  Just one block in four different colorways gives this quilt a lot of movement and interest.  The fabrics do their thing and make this quilt irresistible!  The dark print is used as a framing border, and the border print shines again!  

As always, I encourage you to ask for Redwood Cupboard at your favorite quilt shop first.  We must support our LQS!!  They are a treasure, and we want to be sure they are around for years to come.

IF your LQS doesn't carry Redwood Cupboard or other Heartspun Quilts fabrics, I always have my fabric in stock.  Click here to shop Redwood Cupboard fabrics.  Also available in Fat Quarter bundles.

Click here to buy the Redwood Manor and/or Crossfire patterns.

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well, my friends!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Quilt Archaeology ~ Pumpkin Spice REVEALED!


Pumpkin Spice is the name of my new Quilt Archaeology sew-along project.  I loved the antique quilt so very much, and adore how this Halloween replica turned out with its two shades of pumpkin orange!

This little antique cutie is my inspiration for Pumpkin Spice.  I love the movement the Mosaic Pinwheel block gives to the quilt, and yet it's a very simple design.  I think the colors and the fabrics speak volumes in this project.  I love it, and I hope you do as well.

These are the fabrics I used to make my quilt, and will be the same fabrics in your kit*.  I LOVE Halloween, and the striking contrast of the dark black print with the bright orange prints.....classic!  

The Pumpkin Spice quilt measures 14 x 14 inches.

As with every Quilt Archaeology event, I offer a FREE KIT for this exact quilt* with a qualifying order.....and, you can sew along with me in the weeks to come.  So, settle somewhere comfy while I tell you all the details.  

Starting right now, and through Sunday, October 9th,  place an order totaling $45 or more (not including shipping) on my website for anything you'd like, and you will automatically receive a Pumpkin Spice kit with your order!!  Nothing to add to your cart.  I'll take care of it all on my end.  

My Pumpkin Spice pattern is a FREE digital download.  Whether you're making the quilt with the FREE kit, or would like to make the quilt using your own fabrics, be sure to download the pattern before Monday, October 10th (the pattern will still be available, but at a nominal fee.)   Click here to download the Pumpkin Spice pattern.

The Pumpkin Spice Sew-along begins Friday, October 21st right here on my blog, and I'd sure love it if you would sew-along with me.  We will motivate one another to get this little cutie pieced.  I highly recommend preparing your fabric yardage (before cutting anything!) with spray starch or sizing.  This helps immensely with every step, from cutting to piecing.  (*some fabrics may be substituted but will always be Heartspun Quilts fabrics.)

Let me show you just some of the new quilting goodies you can choose from at Heartspun Quilts!

My brand new Prairie Backgrounds fabrics are now in stock in yardage and FQ bundles.

I've just restocked all of the prints from my popular Prairie Dry Goods basics collection.

...and Old Blue Calicos are still selling strong!
And, I have a whole new crop of Color Bank FQ bundles.  
A customer favorite!  

These are but a few of the Color Bank FQ bundle options.  
Choose the starter kit for this classic beauty...my Circa 1880 Nine Patch quilt!

And there's loads of fabric yardage, books, notions and lots of patterns.  Oh, and there's also a selection of patterns on sale for $5!

Click here to begin shopping and receive your FREE Pumpkin Spice kit with qualifying purchase.

Thank you all for your continued support of my little company.  I just don't know where I would be without you!  The free pattern and free quilt kit is my Thank You gift for your support.  I know you have a lot of choices when shopping for quilting goodies, and I appreciate you more than you know!  

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well....

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A New Quilt Archaeology ~ Coming Soon!!

I have a little treat planned just for you!!  

Visit my blog again Friday morning for the big reveal of my new Quilt Archaeology project.  Spend $45 or more (not including postage) and qualify for a FREE kit for the quilt we're making together.

Lots of new quilting goodies are on my website.  See you Friday morning! 


Monday, October 3, 2022

Back From Alaska

A few weeks ago, hubby and I boarded Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas and set sail for Alaska.

My pals Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline Quilts joined me in teaching a super fun group of ladies and gentlemen as we sailed our way to Alaska.

Classes aboard the Quantum of the Seas take place on the 13th deck of the ship, and have the most wonderful floor to ceiling windows,  allowing us to take in all the beautiful sights as we sailed along.
Stitchin' Heaven Quilt Shop hosts our cruises and always does a top-notch job.  Each quilter has a table and side table, their own personal iron (they bring aboard), and a Bernina provided for them to use.

We visited Skagway....
...Sitka, Juneau and Victoria, BC.  We had wonderful weather....in the 60s and managed to avoid the seasonal rain!
Each ship has its own attributes to offer, and this ship has bumper cars!  
How fun is that?!

We invite you to join us on a future cruise.  Paula, Mary Ellen and I are sailing twice next year, and have planned fun quilt projects for you to make.  We're sailing to the Caribbean in May and returning to Alaska again in August.  Click here to read about our future cruise trips with Stitchin' Heaven.

IN THE STUDIO.....I've been planning some fun stuff for us to do together, along with future fabric lines, of course.

Guess what's coming this Friday???

Return to this blog for the big reveal!