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Monday, October 30, 2023

Big Apple Monday's With Marcus!


It's my turn for Big Apple Monday's With Marcus, and I'd like to introduce you to my FREE project, Liberty's Crown.

If you've been following all of the other Marcus designers since July, you know that we all visited Marcus Fabrics home offices in New York City.  Marcus asked all of us to design a project inspired by our NYC trip, and Liberty's Crown is my project.  Can you guess what inspired me?

Yes....the Statue of Liberty is my favorite New York landmark.  I have always loved her!  The spiked points of this star block replicate the spikes in Lady Liberty's crown.  There are seven of them in her crown standing for the seven seas, and the seven continents.  Notice that I made seven of my star points verdigris green.  I did this in homage to the color of Lady Liberty, and you may think this an odd thing to do, and well....it kinda is....but adding a solid color line of patchwork in pieced quilts is nothing new.

Photo courtesy of Marian Edwards, quilt owner.
Quilt made as a gift for Marian by
Jeanneke Lambriex of The Netherlands.

This gorgeous quilt caught my eye when I saw it posted on social media.  Marian Edwards owns this quilt.  It was a gift from her friend Jeanneke in The Netherlands.  

It has several elements whereby the maker used solid color fabrics to give additional interest to the quilt.

Jeanneke spotted this photo of the original quilt,  and was her inspiration for the one she made for Marian.  I see white and pink concentric circles, red diagonal rows and pink in the top and bottom rows.  And yet, sometimes it all just looks scrappy.

Those solid rows sure give an extra added interest to a lovely, scrappy Tumbling Block quilt.  

I wonder if those fabrics had a special meaning to the maker?  A favorite piece of clothing perhaps?

Or, did she just want to be artistic?  Either way, the end result is delightful!

You can omit my the seven green star points in your quilt and make yours from a wide variety of lovely scraps!  What fun! 

Liberty's Crown is a different quilt than I've ever designed before because it is hand pieced.  It can also be made using English Paper Piece papers.  I adore hand piecing so I was very jazzed to create this project for you.  

I had acrylic windowpane templates made for hand piecing the quilt.  I love using windowpane templates because you not only mark the cutting line, you also mark the 1/4 inch seam line, so you know exactly where to sew!

They also make it very easy to fussy cut the best part of the fabric prints you choose.

The acrylic templates are available on my website in limited quantities. 

While I chose to hand piece my quilt, it's also possible to use 
EPP papers to make the quilt, so I had papers made just for you!

Liberty's Crown EPP papers are available in limited quantities.

If you're familiar with Seam Align glue, it will come as no surprise that this wonderful, little notion helped me a lot with keeping my pieces aligned to perfection.  

This glue is such a help with any piecing where you want to keep points in perfect alignment, or when a fabric just won't stay put!  I also use it in applique, both cotton and wool.

You can read all about its attributes here.

I chose to use Marcus' Tea Dyed Aged Muslin for the background of my quilt.  The verdigris green star points are another shade of Aged Muslin.  The rest of all of my star blocks were made with a variety of my own fabrics....some old, and some that are new and coming soon!  Can you spot the new ones?  Yes....I'm teasing you....my bad!

I hope you have enjoyed the story of my Liberty's Crown quilt.

My Liberty's Crown pattern is a FREE download.  Click here 

The acrylic templates, EPP papers, and Tea Dyed Aged Muslin are available on my website.  
Click here to place an order.


I'm working on the final details of my new BOM, Piecemakers Sampler.  Fabric will ship in January, and the program begins February, 2024.

Also coming early in 2024.....

Keep your needle busy and your heart content.  Be well, my friends....

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