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Who doesn't love a Hint, Tip, Trick or How-To?  All of those good pieces of knowledge can help make our quilting experience more fun, and I'm always on the look out to learn new things!  You, too?
Here's a collection of free tutorials I hope will help you!  

How to Make A Colonial Knot

How I Make My Quilt Labels

How to English Paper Piece Hexagons

Hand Applique by Machine

If you're looking for even more quilting tips and tricks, consider 
purchasing the Heartspun Quilts Hints, Tips, Tricks and How-To's book!  It is loaded with good information from fabric preparation 
to quilt labels, needles, thread, and everything in between!  

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  1. Hi buddy
    I have some tips i wanna share with you guys about quilting ,Having threaded your needle, then, pull the thread so that the ends are level with each other and you will be sewing with double thread. Push your needle through from the top of the quilt and bring it up again about 1/4 inch from where the needle went down.To get more tips visit- quilting tips