Thursday, March 17, 2011

End of Winter Road Trip!!

The touch of spring we are enjoying makes me want to be out of the house, and luckily for me, I have a trip planned.  Tomorrow morning, my daughter Nicki and I will be headed to the Des Moines, Iowa area to give a lecture and workshop, do some shop hopping, meet with Prairie Women, and have some fun! 

While Friday will be a travel day, I do plan on stopping at The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, IA....a shop that was featured in the last Quilt Sampler issue and one I really want to see.  It's my kind of shop and has not only lovely cottons but wool, too!

Saturday will bring me to two special quilt shops where I will not only get to shop, but also get to spend time with the ladies who belong to the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle clubs.  In the morning, I will visit The Quilting Connection in Ames, IA, and in the afternoon, I'll be at Adel Quilting & Dry Goods shop in Adel.  I am soooo looking forward to meeting everyone!

The ladies from the Eastern Polk Quilter's Guild invited me to give a workshop on Sunday, and a lecture on Monday, if you're in the area, please join us!  I promise that I will take pictures and post blog reports about the goodies I find along the way!  I'm also gonna try to post frequently about my trip on Facebook.  I'm not too good with Facebook just yet, but Nicki has a masters degree for Facebook, so she can assist her poor, clueless mom!  Stay tuned and enjoy your springy weekend!  Pam


  1. Oh I have a blog friend named Carolyn that meets at the Adel Quilting & Dry Goods shop monthly. She says great things about the place.

    Enjoy your road trip. Springtime is a great time to travel:)

  2. Have fun Pam! The Woolen Needle is awesome - you will love it - don't forget your credit card!! You will have to report back on the other shops you visit. There are a few others in the area that are nice - you should be able to entertain yourself all the way to Des Moines!

  3. Oh!! I wish I could come. It sounds like my kind of trip!! Have fun and be safe. Karen Schultz

  4. You are going to have such a great time. I visited all those shops last summer and thought I had died and gone to heaven! There's a great shop in Ankeny too....between Ames and Des Moines....if you have a chance.