Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Celebrate National Quilting Day with a SALE!!!

I goofed.  I've been known to goof now and again.  (I'd like to think it wasn't often, but certain people I live with might disagree with that.  What do they know anyway, right?!!  Teehee!)  

I thought National Quilting Day was the 16th.  Nope....it's not until Saturday, the 19th.  No biggie...let's just celebrate the rest of the week.  Sound like a plan? Sure, why not!

In celebration, I am having a sale on all of my fabrics!!  

Visit my website starting right now until midnight, Saturday March 19th to save 

20 to 25% off on all my fabric offerings and discounts on postage, too!!  
Lots and lots of assorted Fat Quarter and Fat Eighth bundles are on sale!
You'll find an assortment of quilt kits on sale as well.  
While quantities last.

Go forth and surf....your stash needs to be fed!!  


  1. Love your fabrics, Pam.
    Maybe it is a good think my credit card was breached yesterday so I can't do any online shopping for a while. I'd go broke! : )

  2. Pam, you are the most delightful lady! now I must go shop...