Monday, March 14, 2016

Scrap Giveaway Winners

My thanks to everyone...all 300+ of you, whom took the time to comment for a chance to receive a small box of my scraps.  I read each and every comment, and honestly can't tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading each one!  As I was reading, I wished that I had a box to send to everyone, and while I accumulated a lot of scraps, I don't have that many!!

Here are the three comments selected to receive a part of the big box:


I'm making the 365 day challenge quilt and you need really little pieces so scraps are just what I need! I purchased small containers & sorted my colors accordingly
Your scraps are perfect for my project! 


I use Bonnie Hunter's scrap saving system pretty much with a couple additions that come from using my accuquilt dies.  I have one drawer called "bits" they are pretty small less than 1 1/2" side for doing miniature or doing string piecing to make a larger piece.  Thanks for sharing your scrap bin with us!


Hi Pam,
I haven't been quilting very long, so right now it works for me to save most of my scraps by the project that created them.  I seem to know where to look for them better that way.  I can imagine that, as my scrap collection grows, I'll need to find another way.  I have saved scraps as small as 1 inch squares on up.  The boxes in your photos look very useful.  I'm not working on a scrap project at the moment but have several patterns waiting for more scraps.  Your scraps would really give my scrap collection a much needed boost!  Thanks so much!

Please email your snail mail addresses to me at

One thing that occurred to me while reading many comments is that I wish I had devised an organization system for my scraps
when I first began piecing.  That way, I could sort and file my scraps for use later, and find them easily when I needed them for that new project.  The one bad thing about making scrappy quilts is how labor intensive they are.  Worth it, for sure, but if you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to choose and prep the scraps, and get to sewing, it would be a big help!  Just sayin' take it for what it's worth out there.

Did you know that Wednesday, March 16th is National Quilting Day?

Be sure to check my blog post Wednesday morning for a special limited-time offer in celebration of National Quilting Day.  

Now, I'm headed back to work at the sewing machine (JOY) piecing blocks for Star Spangled Liberty.  I will definitely post some block photos on Instagram and Facebook later today as well.  Hope you get some time to sew today, too!  


  1. I was so excited to be one of the winners this time! How fun! After reading your posting, I agree, scrap quilts take a boat load of time. But I have found, since I bit the bullet and cut my leftovers up into usable pieces.....I happen to use Bonnie Hunter's system. But whatever sizes work for the type of work one does. I use my pieces a whole lot more. I go to my bins first before cutting into yardage. And I have been faithfully cutting up my leftovers as I finish a project and they go right into their size bins. But it took me probably 3 months of cutting scraps up for hours just to get on top of what I had laying around with no home and odd sizes and shapes etc.....I will say if you have an accuquilt that would go a whole lot faster.....but I didn't have mine then. Thanks again for the fun giveaway!

  2. Congrats to all the winners and thanks you for the fun.Have a fun week.

  3. Congrats Ladies! I got all my scraps all organized this weekend. Hope they stay this way. Thanks Pam seeing your post gave me lots of ideas.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Pam, I think that National Quilting Day is on the 19th and not the 16th, right? But I don't mind celebrating it twice!!

  5. Congratulations to the winners!

    I also have National Quilting day as the 19th. It has been on Saturdays as long as I can remember. Maybe the 16th was the date last year? Celebrating twice would be fine with me though!

  6. Those who won are the lucky ones! Congratulations to them!

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