Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Crossroads ~ A New Limited Edition Quilt Kit & Pattern!

Crossroads ~ Limited Edition Quilt by Pam Buda for Heartspun Quilts
I have long loved red and white (not really 'white' but lights) quilts.  There's just something about them....or any two color quilt for that matter.  I love this block and the motion it gives a quilt without being all kinds of complicated to piece.  

So...I designed this little quilt just in time for Valentine's Day!  (You know me, though, I'll keep it out all year long.)

 Second in the Limited Edition Series

The Crossroads quilt is a mix of red fabrics from many of my different collections. 
A pretty mix of light prints....mostly with a little red in them somewhere.
And of course, you have to have a bunch of reds in varying shades of loveliness!  
Here are all the fabrics in the kit.  

NOTE:  There are two different versions of the quilt kit: Version A (which is exactly what you see in the photo above), and Version B featuring the main red print below.  

The only difference between the versions is the main red print used in the blocks and border.  

This is the cute red print used in Crossroads Version B.

You have choices to make!

(The fabric looks much brighter in this photo than it really is.)

The Crossroads quilt measures 26 x 26 inches.  The kit includes all fabrics for the top, binding and backing as well as the pattern.  I'm sorry, but the pattern is not available for purchase outside of the kit.  The kit price is $45 plus shipping.

And....this is a Limited Edition quilt offering.  Once the kits are gone, they're gone.  

Click here to order Crossroads Version A.

Click here to order Crossroads Version B.

Buying a Crossroads quilt kit would make a very nice gift to someone you love....YOU!

Because of your generous business, it allows me to keep making quilt designs for your stitching pleasure.  I'm very grateful to all of you!  


  1. I love the scrappy version, so perfect for Valentine's or any time, really!