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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Calling In Sick

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long absence from posting and emailing.  I've been ill.  Early in December, I was diagnosed with a small, grape sized cyst on my spinal cord...the culprit for the chronic back pain I'd been having. 

Surgery was performed on the 28th, and a golf ball sized cyst was removed.  Recovery was described as - a couple of days rest, then you can resume "light" duty as you feel comfortable.  Ok, I thought...not too bad.  I can take it easy for a few days, knowing the first couple of days after surgery are the hardest, then I can watch movies, and stitch while spending time with my family sitting in my recliner.   


I think they forgot to tell me about the 'other' kind of recovery....the one I'm experiencing.  Let it suffice to say I'd sooner go thru another knee replacement.  This surgery has knocked me on my can.  I'm doing a bit better now, and realize that I will spend alot more time on the road to recovery than I ever thought. 

Still, I feel very fortunate to have had surgery, that it wasn't something much worse and, as my mother always says....this, too, shall pass!  I'll keep in touch as often as I can. 

Wishing you all the best of health and happiness in 2011.....and may you all find more time for the things you love!



  1. Pam

    Take care of yourself! Hope you are feeling better very soon.


  2. So sorry to hear that you had surgery! But I do hope that it fixes the back pain you have been suffering through. Take it easy - we'll all be here. Your New Year will be getting better!

  3. Pam, The worst is over. Now it is time to heal and maybe you can do some hand sewing while you rest. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Karen Schultz

  4. I'm glad your surgery is a success! Give yourself time to recover...we will all be here cheering you on! Hope to see you in February.
    Wishing you WELL in 2011! Sharon :)

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself first and foremost.

  6. Do take care....we'll look forward to hearing that you are feeling much better. Hope you have someone to pamper you!

  7. Take care; listen to your body and remember slow and steady wins the.........well, you know. Hugs and prayers for a complete recovery. NancyB in AZ

  8. Glad your surgery was successful Pam; but wow...I have had knee replacement in 2008, so know it must be quite uncomfortable for you to say you would rather do that again.
    Enjoy what you can and take care.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about you having to have surgery. I'll be praying for a "speeder" recovery....wow.


  10. Hope every day you feel a little bit better than the day before!

  11. My goodness Pam, but you have been through a difficult time lately. My prayers for a complete recovery, patience and strength to endure it and peace while you're waiting for better days ahead.

    I can imagine that 'this' is a major inconvenience for you, but sometimes we just do need the rest. Sorry it has been such a painful time for you. Hang in there dear friend. Here's a big hug!!

    Take care, Karla

  12. Pam, wishing you a successful recovery, listen to the doctor's orders ----- you are such a talented lady, thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.