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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feelin' Groovy!

Hi everyone!

Oh, yeah....I'm feeling much better!  Yeay!!!  I think I'm over the worst of the post-op recovery and getting my groove back.  My back is feeling much better, and I want to do all kinds of stuff, but must pace myself.  I'm just so grateful to have had such good medical care and had wonderful, tender loving care from my family.

I'm also very grateful to all of you!  Your comments and emails of well wishes cheered me up so very much.  Thank you all for thinking of me.

Remember the contest to win this cute Christmas decoration?  Well, Angie Shipley of Mooresburg, TN, won the contest and sent me a photo of how it looked in her home.  Very nice, Angie.  And....Angie also writes a blog, so if you'd like to check out Angie's blog, go to www.threadcatcher.blogspot.com

This week, I'm concentrating on wrapping up a lot of loose ends in my studio.  I'm very excited to begin a new quilt project, and hope that by the end of next week, I can start digging in to it.  It's a quilt I designed over a year ago that just had to be put on the back burner.  You know how that goes!  Are you working on something new? 

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  I don't make official resolutions, but I do make a committment to tackle new challenges each year.  This year, I want to learn how to use the PhotoShop Elements software I bought, to learn several new computer techniques (for better blogging!), and I will have the opportunity to learn how to make the Feathered Star block from reknown teacher Marsha McCloskey.  I also want to try making bread from scratch.  This was a late addition to my to-do list after reading the Blackbird Designs blog where Alma did this and fell in love with making bread.  It just sounded like fun. 

So....  I invite you to leave a comment about what new things you've got planned for the New Year. This back of mine better keep gettin' better, 'cause I've got big plans for 2011!


  1. --Finish one UFO a month
    --Walk more
    --Take time to enjoy life more

  2. Sorry to hear that you were sick and I'm so glad you're doing better now. I've had Elements for a couple of years and still have to learn it. Maybe this is the year for me too!

  3. Hi Pam,

    So glad to hear you're feeling better these days. Yay! I've been struggling with PSE myself, but find there are a LOT of free tutorials, videos and other help out there. Dig in! I too, am planning to finish up a few of my UFO's, like the Heartland Heritage and Hearth & Home.:-)

    Hugs, Karla