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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day for Everyone!!!!

As you undoubtedly heard, the Chicagoland area where I live had (and still is having) a major winter snow storm....Blizzard to be exact.  The "B" word isn't something that's used here all that often.  We get snow, yes, but not this much snow!!  We knew it was coming for many days.  Many, many people went to the grocery store (including me) for what is commonly called "French Toast" shopping, which means you stock up on eggs, milk and bread.  Well....and other goodies and essentials..like lots of gasoline for the snowblower!  We're all set....we're prepared.  I knew I wanted to share this event with all of you, especially those whom never experience snow, so I took a series of photos.

This is the view out of my sewing room window which looks out at a part of my backyard.  This was taken yesterday morning about 9 AM before the snow arrived.  Notice the little flag pole and the angel statue. 

At 1:30 PM, the snow has arrived, carried on winds that were blowing a constant 40mph, gusting to up to 60+ miles per hour. The many people predicting the weather here in Chicago forecast at least 12 to 18 inches of snow over the next 24 hours.  Their computer models say totals could reach 24 inches or more.  Lots of hype....but would it really be that much?

Here's how it turned out!  We have about 19 inches of snow here with some amazing drifts.  Notice that the flag and angel are covered, but there's nothing in front of our barn. 

Mother nature sure can do interesting things with snow drifts!

When you're a kid, all you wish for all winter long is a snow day off of school.  Well, when you're a big kid, a snow day is still a mighty fun thing.  Our son, Ryan, is stuck at the firehouse and the rest of us won't be leaving our house anytime soon, so what's a quilter to do?  Fire up the sewing machine and the iron, of course!

Yesterday, I chose fabrics for a new project I've been wanting to make.  Today is just the perfect day to begin.  In the coming days I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I'm very happy to cut fabric and sew while I watch the storm go by.  Happy I don't have to do any of this.....

knowing I've got a lot of French Toast I can eat.  Teehee!
Hope you're safe and warm wherever you are!
Stay tuned, Pam


  1. To celebrate that we had ONLY 11 inches...we had FRENCH TOAST for breakfast...lol

  2. Can I borrow your snow blowers? Will you deliver to Mid- Missouri?
    Stay safe

  3. It's so lovely. Your photos look so much like ours here in Michigan. Really got slammed with the high winds and snow last night, but thankfully no power outages in our area:)

    Stay warm.

  4. We just finished blowing/shoveling drifts that were 3 feet high in some places. But it is really quite beautiful outside. Love the barn!

  5. I hope your power stays on! Looks like it could be a while before you get through that storm! A warm fire, quilting and French Toast= a perfect day!

  6. Great pics! I love the snow, but don't envy all of you who will have to shovel your way out! Hope the power stays on so we can see what you have planned for the yummy fabric.