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Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for more Show-N-Tell

Hi everyone!  I have more photos to share with you of Prairie Women who are attending the club meetings at shops in Indiana and Minnesota.

First, let's visit the Shades of the Past Quilt Shop located in Clara City, MN.   

The morning group of Prairie Women are busy working on their Yo-yos as they journey to the past listening and talking about life in the nineteenth century.  Looks like they're enjoying some goodies, too!

Their first show-n-tell is of the third quilt in Journey 1 called At Mama's Knee

At Mama's Knee ~ Antique quilt

This quilt was inspired by the antique quilt that I own, pictured above.  I chose to replicate it exactly as it is because I thought it was so sweet and perfect the way it was made so long ago.  While I don't know for certain, I'd like to think that it was made by a child, or was someone's first quilt.  Isn't it charming?

It's also a perfect example of a Make-Do quilt.  In a Make-Do quilt, we always look for a theme.  In this case, the theme is of a quilt made with shirtings and Four Patches of pink and dark blue.  The Make-do blocks are the two blocks where light blue was substituted for the pink. 

At Mama's Knee ~ PWSC Journey 1
Here's my version using today's fabrics.

As a designer, it's wonderful to see quilters make a quilt just as I designed it...it really is.  It's also fun to see the same pattern made with completely different fabrics. 

Here is Betty's version of At Mama's Knee

Here is Cindy with her version

And...Phyllis with her quilt.
I really like them all!

This is Susan.  The quilt she is holding is a smaller version of Heartland Crossing which is the second quilt in Journey 1. Ladies....you all did a great job!

Let's shop hop over to The Back Door Quilt Shop in Greenwood, IN

There are two large groups of Prairie Women who meet at The Back Door Quilt Shop and many more who participate by mail.  The staff keeps them well informed with an email and photos of the club meetings.  Another lovely verision of At Mama's Knee!

These ladies are showing off the first quilt in Journey 1 called Leap of Faith.  I'm loving how each quilt is just a bit different and how they made the quilt their own - their way!

What an awesome collection of Heartland Crossing quilts.  The quilt on the left was made just as I made mine.  The quilt in the center is a bright and playful version!  Love the scrappy border on the quilt at the right.  Kudos to everyone! 

Hope you enjoyed it, too!


  1. Thanks for sharing so many inspiring quilts! Love to see the different fabrics and colors that everyone uses.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Thanks so much for the lovely quilt show! What a nice bunch of talented ladies providing us with some great inspiration. Can't wait to see more soon.

    Hugs, Karla