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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simply Charming is Simply Wonderful!!!!!

Tara Lynn Darr with Simply Charming cover quilt
I'm a firm believer in sharing something good be it a recipe, a neighborhood restaurant, a quilt shop...well, you get the idea.  Over the weekend, my dear friend, Tara Lynn Darr came to visit me and brought along the 20 quilts that are featured in her new book, Simply Charming.  I knew her new book was gonna be good, but she's outdone herself!  WOW!!!  Each quilt was more wonderful than the next. 

They are all small quilts like the one in the photo, and range from easy to a bit more challenging.....something for everyone!  There's more than one (more like a dozen) that speak to me.  "Make me now...make me now!!"  I even dreamed of one that night!  Don't be getting any ideas to call the authorities on me.  Yes....quilts and fabric speak to me and I'm completely sane! 


A must have!!!

Truth be told, you may think this post is completely bias.  Yup....I guess you'd be right, but that doesn't make me wrong either!   Every once in awhile a really great quilt book comes along where every project is delicious and wonderful, and you want to make them all.  Be advised, dear readers, this is one of those books.  Tara posted on her blog that the books have now shipped, so run to your local quilt shop and see for yourself.  Would I steer you wrong?  No way.....grab your scraps, start your sewing machines and enjoy!!!


  1. Oh Pam,

    What an adorable little quilt!! Thanks for the sneak peek! I'll bet all of her little quilts are just as cute, too! Of course, you wouldn't steer us wrong - NEVER! This book looks like a must have, too. Gee, I better start cutting up more fabric so I can have scraps to work with!



  2. That's an adorable little quilt! I'm off to find out more!