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Monday, April 18, 2011

Honoring American Soldiers ~ Past & Present

This year is the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.  There are many events in the quilting world dedicated to the remembrance of this remarkable time in our country's history.  I am drawn to the Civil War era for many reasons.  First and foremost because of the seemingly limitless bravery of the men and women who, with barely any resources (compared to how we live now), fought for what they believed in.  Life was hard, harsh, often rudimentary in so many ways, and yet they strived to make a better home, community, country.  Not just the men who fought in the war, but the women who stayed behind as well. 

Today, bravery still exists.  The fight to sustain America's freedom still goes on within the heart and soul of every patriot, and in each of our soldiers serving in our armed forces. 
To honor their service to our country, Moda Fabrics has a wonderful campaign going on called

Just One Star

They are asking each of us to make ~ just one star ~ block.  Click here to get the directions for the block.  Send your block to Moda, where they hope to piece 100 quilts for our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan! 

Here's a picture of the block I made.  Use your scraps!  It doesn't take but an hour to make Just One Star for a very worthy cause!! Visit Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson's blog to see a tutorial of how the block is made. Don't delay....Moda's deadline is May 1st!

Thank you for visiting with me today!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty block, Pam. Be sure to sign it too. By making Just One Star, we are "warming" the hearts of our soldiers. Thanks for promoting this very worthy cause...