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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Journey Three ~ First Peek!!

This is your first peek at one of the new projects for The Prairie Women's Sewing Circle ~ Journey Three!
These are just some of the fabrics I've used in this quilt called The Contrary Wife.

I love the combination of red, brown and black, and there are so many luscious Civil War reproduction fabrics in these colors.  It wasn't hard to find oodles of fabrics to work with.....what was hard was limiting my self to 20-30! Wanna know what I'm making with these fabrics?  A block I absolutely adore!

This is a Reel block.  There are a few versions of the Reel block and I chose a fairly traditional one.  (What the rest of the quilt looks like will be kept secret for now.) I adore how "showy" the block is.  It really makes a statement in a quilt!  And yes, this block is appliqued.  In the future, I will post a tutorial about how the block is made, and... when it's time, I encourage you to give it a try.  There are many applique techniques out there and there's bound to be one that suits you!  I know that applique is a F O U R letter word to some of you, but don't despair!  If applique still isn't your cup of tea.....and without giving too much away....you won't have to miss out on making this quilt altogether.  There are some very new features coming to the club in Journey Three.  The core aspects of the club won't be changing, but I'm very excited about bringing in new, creative things for you to enjoy.

So...that's your first peek at what's coming from me in the coming months.  Stay tuned right here for more news about Journey Three and a lot of other fun stuff that I've been working on. 

Thanks so much for visiting with me today, and let me know what you think!


  1. YUMMY! Those fabrics are all awesome - I see some of my favorites in there. I have to admit...I'm one of those who think applique is a 4 letter word. I'm counting on you to convince me otherwise!

  2. Great colors and the Reels look so perfect! Looking forward to seeing what they become.

  3. Love hand applique! This is a really neat Reel block and I love the fabrics. It will be neat to see what you do with these blocks. Thanks for sharing with us...love the sneak peeks!

  4. Pam, You are really inspiring me to try new things. Like paper piecing! I never thought I would like it but I'm really enjoying it. And this aplique block is very pretty. I'm sure I will try to do my best on it. Karen S.

  5. I love hand applique and well brown and red together and then throw in black you made my day.
    I love how you changed the fabric in the center in the one block
    visual treat when you go in to look at the quilt closely, love that!

  6. What a beautiful block, Pam! I'm excited about this and learning later how to make it. Ooh, dangling a carrot for us on Journey 3, huh? Can't wait to see what you've been up to. :-)

    Blessings, Karla