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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blog Tour Winners!!

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed the blogs on the tour this past week.  I know I had a lot of fun visiting all of the designers and I enjoyed how different and creative they all are.  I was definitely inspired!

The Random Number Generator helped me choose four winners this morning.  They will all be receiving a free copy of the new Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol 3 issue!  They are.....

#22 Sue from Michigan
#34 Debbie from Maryland
#75 Nancy from LA California
#145 Deb from the Shenandoah Valley, VA

I just loved reading all of your comments!!  They were wonderful and entertaining.  I really enjoyed reading about which fabric version you liked best for the block.  The Kansas Troubles version was the overwhelming favorite.  As you may know, I'm just a little fond of KT fabrics, too!

Many of you asked how I came up with the name Good Time Charlie, and well.....
the naming of quilts and blocks can sometimes be very fun, and sometimes not!  Often they practically name themselves.  Other times not so much, and if I have a deadline and still need to name the quilt, I secretly call it the "pain the dupa" or something like that, only not using those pretty words.  Gasp!

Some projects are with me, in my heart and head, for a very long time.  From conception to creation can be many months and longer.  I often feel so attached to the quilt and have so much of myself invested in it, it's like having another child.  I remember my Grandma telling me that before I settled on a name for my kids, I should stand on the back porch and loudly yell it into the neighborhood a dozen times.  If I still liked the name, then I should use it.  After all, I'd probably be calling my child home a lot that way.  Don't tell Gram....but I never did that....I understood her point though!  Naming a quilt isn't quite that important or intense.  {{grin}}

I keep a list of names I think I'd like to use for my projects, which helps.  Each quilt or project has personality, or I create it with a feeling in mind.  Perhaps the fabrics mean something to me, or something happening in my life whilemaking the quilt helps me name the project.  And that's exactly what happened with Good Time Charlie. I just thoroughly enjoyed playing while creating this block and loved the Little Pink Stars fabric collection.  I was just having a good time...a kind of party if you will....clicking away on EQ...playing with all the fabrics in the collection....alone in my sewing room....happy as can be.  You know what I mean!!  So that's the story about Good Time Charlie.  Not all that facinating, I know!  Anyway.....

Thank you for visiting with me and enjoy your day!  Pam

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  1. Thank you, Pam!!! I sent an email with all my info! Looking forward to the book!