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Monday, May 9, 2011

Salt Lake City or Bust!

Very early tomorrow morning, I will be headed to the airport catching a plane for Salt Lake City to attend quilt market. Everyone in the quilting and sewing world work hard creating new things, and attending at least one of the two markets held each year is an exciting way to unveil your new patterns, projects, and goodies of all kinds. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will all be arriving, setting up booths, giving and attending Schoolhouse presentations and shopping at the infamous Sample Spree. The show floor opens on Friday morning and closes on Sunday night.

This will be my fourth market as an exhibitor, but is my first market as a blogger, where I can post lots of pictures and write about it all right here! I have a few new technological gadgets that are supposed to help me do just that. They are state of the art.....sadly, I am not. So, while I can't promise you'll have daily postings, I'm sure gonna try! I invite you to visit my blog and my Facebook page often. You'll either see market news, or evidence of how far I have to go with technology. For those of you who enjoy reading blogs, this will be a great week to blog hop as so many of us are attending and writing about the show. So have fun attending quilt market with us and I hope you'll enjoy all the new stuff that is sure to be coming soon to your local quilt shop!

Thanks for stopping by today! Pam


  1. I'd love to be able to go to market! I know it's a lot of work for you but have a great time while you work.

  2. Pam, Have fun at the Market!! Wish I could go. Karen Schultz