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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home From Market

In my last post, I told you about some new techno gadgets I bought that were supposed to make my life easier and make it possible for me to take photos and blog from anywhere at Quilt Market.  HA!  Obviously, since there was absolutely nothing new on my blog since then, I guess you can figure out who conquered whom!!  I apologize for what seemed like falling off the face of the earth.... but believe me when I say it wasn't for lack of trying!!  My iPad and iPhone didn't connect with the internet and work in harmony the entire time I was gone.  I couldn't even access Facebook from my phone once I landed in Salt Lake City!  This morning, I logged onto Facebook and it reported that my phone was in an alternate location and it locked me out for security reasons.  Well....thanks alot!  I had internet access at the hotel but then Blogger wouldn't cooperate.  The iPad worked well at the convention center capturing images, but in the building, it was like a tin-can and I couldn't get a signal.  Eventually, frustrated for us all, I gave up. 

I hoped you'd hang in there for me until I got home.  With that hope in my heart, I scoured the market floor for good stuff to show you.  My camera(s) and I did a better job with photos and gathering info, so I will commence with what I found new at market.  Since I share the same city with Oprah, in the next few days, I will set out to show you my favorite finds from the Salt Lake City spring market, but for now, here is what my booth looked like.

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle~ Journey 1 & 2

Two versions of the new Heartland Heritage Sampler
quilts from my new series Vintage Stitches

If you know of a remedial course in the use of today's modern gadgets, please send info to pam@heartspunquilts.com 
Thanks for your support and understanding!


  1. Your booth looked inviting, Pam!

  2. Thanks for sharing pics of your both!

  3. Love your quilts and your booth.

  4. Your booth looks great - thanks for sharing! I am technologically challenged - so no help from me in that area!

  5. Love your display, very inviting. And the quilts, oh my, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Once you get help with all the techno gadgets, could you then tutor me?

  6. I Love your quilts! I need to catch up on my Prairie Women quilts! I have all of the kits from Fatquartershop.com journey 1 and the first few from journey 2! It's so nice to see them all made and the scale of each one when they are hanging in your booth! Thanks for trying to include us in your fun at Spring Market! I am looking forward to seeing more, more, more! Thanks Pam!

  7. oh my booth looks great, love that little chair! too cute!
    I have taken classes at the apple store, their one to one program is very helpful!

  8. Your booth looks fabulous! Hope you had a successful market.