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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Favorite Things from Spring Market ~ Salt Lake City

I'm from Chicago and still live here in the 'burbs.  In honor of our most famous resident, Oprah, I'll be sharing a few of my favorite things from Spring Market. 

Salt Lake City was very welcoming and fun.  The mountains were still snow capped due to record snowfalls.  Snowbird, UT still boasted 11 feet of snow while I was there, but warm temps were melting the snow too quickly causing flooding.  All week the mountains were a beautiful backdrop and this prairie girl soaked them in the whole time I was there.  Inside the convention center, there were loads of lovely things to look at as well!

Amy McClellan ~ Under The Garden Moon
This lovely booth filled with wonderful eye candy was what my friend Karen and I got to look at all market long!  Under the Garden Moon was across the aisle from us.  It was such a pleasure to look at all week and we really had the chance to get to know owner/designer Amy McClellan.  I instantly fell in love with the tiny Churn Dash quilts on the wall just behind Amy.  I pined for it!  The blocks are only 3 inches!  You know how crazy I get over tiny blocks!!  I tried to resist.....I caved on the last day!  I had to buy the pattern.  It's called Simply DashingI'll bet you see a few things you want too!

Mary Ellen Robison & Paula Barnes
The new block of the month by Bonnie Blue is called Cotton Club and grabbed me from the first instant I saw it advertised on the web.  There are many wonderful new BOM's out there, but this one is so different.  If you like it in photos, wait until you see it up close and personal!  I was signed up before I saw this quilt finished, and elated over it when I got to see it in their booth.  OMG you guys!  Don't miss out on making this quilt.  It has gorgeous fabrics, and 5 inch blocks.....what's not to love???

Carol Hopkins Designs
I have been a fan of Carol Hopkins for as long as she's been in business.  Don't we all love her Civil War Legacies patterns?  Carol released 8 new patterns at market and each one is more wonderful than the next.  Visit her website to see them all.  I can't wait to make Bonnet Ties, Caissons Rolling and Hard Crackers.  Does anybody know where I can buy more time??

Clothesline Quilts
This luscious display shows the work of my pal, Evonne Cook, of Clothesline Quilts.  Hanging just behind Evonne are her two latest additions to her General's series of Civil War quilts.  As you can see, there's a whole lot to love in her booth too!

Lynne Hagmeier ~ Kansas Troubles Quilters
Our tour ends today with my dear friend Lynne's booth.  I could just live in the Kansas Troubles booth!  When I was walking down the aisle approaching KTQ, I got tingles!!  The awesome block of the month on the right is called Ten Years and Counting and is Lynne's celebration of ten years creating KTQ fabrics with Moda!  Of course it's on my to-do list.  I think I have enough KT fabric to make 25 of them!  Hey!  No snickers from the peanut gallery!!

The little patterns hanging on the display and the quilts hanging to the right on the flower pot stand are all just released charm quilt patterns.....way too cute!!  Look for these coming soon to your local quilt shop!  The other quilts in the photo are all new as well made from Lynne's newest line called Cattails and Clover.  This fabric will be out in a few months and is full of the sweetest assortment of prints that are just what we expect from Kansas Troubles!

This collection of patterns are brand new and available right now.  They feature Lynne's line called Warm Memories.  Warm Memories is being delivered to quilt shops right now, so look for it...it's out there and you'll want some, belive me!!  It is Lynne's "not really Christmas" line and is just wonderful.  Brace yourself.....there are more than a few prints in that collection that I had to buy major yardage of.

I have lots more to show you in my next post.  I won't make you wait too long, I promise. 
So, stay tuned.  I hope it has been worth the wait.  Perhaps some of my favorite things
are yours too?  Thanks for visiting! 



  1. OK Pam, I have to go make a bib because I am drooling so much!!! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy. Karen S.

  2. Thanks so much for posting the pics .... love seeing them. BTW, you posted pics of my favorite designers!

  3. Would love to see pics of your booth! That said, I agree...the 3" churn dash quilt is to die for. I also spotted one in the Civil War Legacies booth I need as well. Off to do some on-line shopping.

  4. Thanks, Pam!! Lots of fun to see the wonderful booths that all of you gals work so hard on!

  5. Can't wait to see the next installment of photos from SLC. I love the booths that you featured in this post -some of my favorite designers.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Charlotte S.