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Monday, May 23, 2011

More Quilt Market Favorites!

From your comments, it seems there are a lot of you out there who like the same things I like!  No doubt there were many other wonderful things at market, but I only had limited time to peruse the market floor and so I had to pick my favorite stops.  Luckily for me, my friend Lisa Bongean's booth (Primitive Gatherings) was one aisle over.  Needless to say... I made frequent stops there.  She has some irresistable new stuff coming out.

Lisa's newest charm patterns (L to R Primitive Pinwheels, Pinwheel Garden, Thimbles & Underground Railroad)

I fell madly in love with the small quilts in the photo above.  They are all new charm quilt patterns that will be released very soon.  Notice they are all made with small blocks!  That got me hook, line, and sinker.  Lisa sells her own assortment of charm squares, too.

The two versions of the Broken Dishes quilts (light and dark) will also be new charm patterns. 

Lily Anna Stitches patterns

The wonderful wool applique projects featured in the photo above were from a new (to me) designer, Lily Anna Stitches.  Lisa had her patterns and the kits for them as well!!  Click on the Primitive Gatherings link above to go shopping!  One of the best purchases I made at market was a fat quarter bundle of Lisa's new fabric collection for Moda called Little Gatherings.  YUM!  Click here if you'd like to see the collection for yourself.

Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods
My next favorite finds are from two of my long-time favorite designers. 
Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods and....

Sheri Falls of This and That
Sheri Falls of This and That.  Chances are, if you're like me, you have many of their patterns in your library!  Each of them had wonderful new projects to offer...some calling my name, believe me!

Cathy Cardiff and me
The luscious projects displayed in this booth are from designer
Cathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms

Cathy's booth full of quilts and wool projects was a market favorite to be sure.

Beth Fuller
Last but not least is a another new fabric line coming soon from my friend, Beth Fuller!
Her last collection, Grace's Dowry Shirtings, was very popular with quilters and has been reprinted several times.  Her newest collection, Marguerite for Windham, is pictured in the quilt above. 
If you aren't familiar with Beth's work, take it from me....you will be! 

That brings us to the end of my Favorite Things from Spring Quilt Market. 
Have you ever had that feeling of "I want it all?"  That pretty much sums up the Quilt Market experience.  It's a jolt to your creativity filling you with inspiration and the deep desire to add
at least 8 more hours to a 24 hour day!   I realize that not everyone gets to
attend Quilt Market, but the same feelings I felt are also felt by those quilt shop owners
who attend market, too. 

If you need inspiration or your creativity needs a boost, visit your favorite quilt shop
and be sure to ask for the wonderful projects highlighted in this post.

Until next time, thanks so much for visiting with me today!



  1. Wow, so much inspiration. I agree that the little charm quilts are adorable. I especially like the Railroad one. Thanks for sharing all the great pics.

  2. Love seeing the booths! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Great pictures, make me want to drool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You picked exactly what I like to photograph. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Oh what fun. You've been so kind to share such lovely photos here. Thank you very much. Nice to meet you. Warmly, *karendianne.

  6. Wonderful eye candy! So glad there are still traditional fabrics and patterns out there....worries me sometimes when I see so many shops trending toward the light and bright! Although my current inventory will probably carry me through 2 more lifetimes!

  7. Pam, Thanks for sharing the links to some of your favorite booths. It's almost like being there with you. Karen Schultz

  8. There have been so many reports from quilt market with photos (mostly of people I don't know), but I have to say I stopped to study ALL three of your posts. We must have similar tastes; I loved the quilts you photographed. I too am trying to figure out how to add more hours to the day to make them!