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Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Progress

I'm still in pre-quilt market crush, but am making progress.  That's a good feeling!  I'm excited about the quilts I've designed and am creating, but hate the pressure of the deadline.  Does anyone like deadlines?  I hear some people say they like them because they're forced to complete the work, and therefore, feel more productive.  I don't need the deadlines to make me finish.....I finish most everything I start.  For work, that is.  Now, I don't want anyone out there to be thinking that I don't have any UFO's sitting around here!  No, no, no!  Oh, I've got UFO's but they're my personal "wanna-do's", and it's because I finish my work that I don't finish my other stuff.  Sigh.....ya know what I mean?? 

Well, enough of that....on to more interesting stuff!

Last week, I spent four days with all of the fabric in my stash pulled out of the closet and spread all over the place.  It was a lovely mess and so nice to get reacquainted with them all.    I was choosing fabrics for four upcoming quilts.  Here are the fabs I chose for the quilt currently in production.  It's funny how often you just don't have enough of a certain green or pink or.....  Feed your stash!!  There's always a need for more fabric!!!  (Despite what non-quilters may think.)

I chose to use one of my newest favorite neutral fabrics.  I'm crazy in love with this fabric.  It was designed by my pal, Lynne Hagmeier (Kansas Troubles for Moda) and I can't tell you how much I love it!!  Well....so much I had to have a whole bolt!!  The photo about shows how great the print looks, but isn't a good representation of how lovely the color really is.  You see the color better in the first photo.
Anyway, it's from Lynne's Cattails and Clover collection in stores now.  The things I love about this fabric are the picotage leaves, the black on the warm beige, and the multi-colored dots.  Picotage (which is the effect of creating a motif from a bunch of tiny dots) softens the look of the leaves, and I think that  coloring them black makes this fabric the perfect mate for country folk art and Civil War quilts alike.  

All of the blocks have been sewn and it's up on my design wall.  I just love it when you can put the blocks on the design wall and you get your first real look at how the quilt is coming along.  So far, so good.  I'll give you a look at the blocks in my next post, and hopefully, the finished quilt soon thereafter!


Oh....also....a whole lot of you have been emailing me with more historic fiction novel recommendations  to add to my reading list, and I will be sharing them with all of you as well.  So, stay tuned, and as always, thanks for taking a moment to stop by here today! 


PS.  Lynne just launched a brand new website!  It's wonderful!!  Click here to check it out!


  1. Your fabrics are just yummy and I can't wait to see how you will use them. Lynne's new website is great!

  2. The fabrics are great, can't wait to see what you are making.
    I too hate deadlines. I am always so rushed at the end. Yes, I am a last minute girl.
    Have a great day.

  3. OK,You have me hanging on the edge of my chair once again waiting to see what you have come up with. And your right, that neutral fabric is to die for! Thanks for sharing. Karen S.