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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Forget Me Not Show-n-Tell Part Three

Are you ready for Christmas yet?  Not me!  The house is decorated, but I still have about a third of my shopping left to do.  Presents are being wrapped slowly but surely.  My daughter, Nicki, has begun making Christmas cookies.  I used to love to bake them,  usually making 15-17 different kinds of cookies, but I no longer have the time, and she wanted to carry on the tradition.  Win, win!!  It's been very warm here in Chicagoland.  Last week, on December 4th, it was 70 degrees!   It's nice, but my body clock says it's time for chilly, snowy weather.  Christmas just isn't the same without snow!  I hope your holiday preparations are coming along nicely for you. 

Let's take a peek at the last of the Forget Me Not quilts.......

Marilyn from Idaho
Martha from Minnesota

Mary from North Carolina

Nancy from Indiana

Patti from Texas

Patty from Illinois

Sara from Italy

Sheri from Illinois

Sue from Michigan

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in my Forget Me Not Sew~Along!  Isn't it much more fun to sew with friends?!!  I hope you enjoyed all the quilts as much as I did.  My next sew along begins in just a few short weeks.  And.....I'm already planning one for spring time that will be a bit different from the others!  More fun in the works!!

I know many of you are addressing your Christmas cards right about now and I wanted to encourage you to remember our "Wounded Warriors" recovering from their injuries in the VA hospital.  I'm sure they would love to receive a card of well wishes and holiday greetings from your family.   If you'd like to, you can send a card here:
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue
NW Washington, DC  20307-5001
Thanks so much for visiting with me today!


  1. Many beautiful quilt tops! Hoping to see my quilt top too (it was not against the others) - I've send you a picture a time ago...

    Sylke from Norway

  2. Love to see the many variations! Thanks for the show!

  3. I love the layout of these quilts! They are all beautiful. Thanks for the address, too. I am going to share it with others.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all those quilts! Great so many stitched along!

  5. So much fun seeing everyone's quilts!

    @Sylke: I had to go take a peek at your blog to see if I could find yours. It looks like you have some interesting fabrics in your stash. :)

    Sylke's quilt: http://lysstreif.blogspot.com/2012/10/en-liten-topp.html